Why Are The Zones On My 2GIG TAKE-345 All Showing Low Battery?

The zones on your 2GIG TAKE-345 are all showing low battery because the backup battery for the module is low. To fix, simply give the battery enough time to recharge. If the battery has reached its end of life, you will need to replace it. We recommend using the UltraTech 1240 Battery.

2gig take 345 front

The 2GIG TAKE-345 allows users to take hardwired sensors and have them communicate with their panel wirelessly. Up to eight (8) hardwired sensors can connect with the TAKE-345. The TAKE-345 will then send out a wireless 345 MHz signal for these sensors to allow them to communicate wirelessly with the panel. Each panel zone will require its own wireless zone. The 345 MHz signal sent out from the 2GIG TAKE-345 is compatible with the 2GIG Systems and the Resideo Lyric Controller.

Normally, the 2GIG TAKE-345 remains powered on through a plug-in 16.5VAC, 50VA transformer. If the electricity goes out, then the module will need to rely on a backup battery for power. This is very important for ensuring that all system zones are working properly. If the backup battery is low, then all the wireless zones that rely on the TAKE-345 will report as having a low battery. This is why it is fairly common for TAKE-345 users to experience multiple low-battery zones all at once.

If you recently experienced a power outage, then you should wait and see if the battery regains its charge on its own. The battery will slowly store a charge while the system is running on AC power. Try waiting 24 hours with the system running on AC power to see if the battery regains a sufficient charge and the low-battery trouble clears. You may need to disarm at the panel in order for the trouble message to clear. If the system still reports low batteries for the associated zones after 24 hours, then you may need to replace the old battery with a new one. The average UltraTech 1240 Battery lasts between four (4) and seven (7) years depending upon usage.

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