Why Can't I Create a Scene On the TUXWIFI Using Sunrise or Sunset?

You can't create a scene on the TUXWIFI using Sunrise or Sunset because you are trying to create the scene in Total Connect 2.0. Sunrise and Sunset triggers are only available when building scenes locally at the Tuxedo Touch Keypad. You can create a maximum of ten (10) local scenes.

Important! As of September, 2021, Resideo has announced that the Weather feature, as well as the ability to use Sunrise and Sunset as schedule triggers will no longer be supported on the Tuxedo Touch WIFI family of products. You can read the entire announcement here.

The TUXWIFI, which is also referred to as the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI, is a wired touchscreen keypad for a Honeywell VISTA System. In addition to serving as a touchscreen keypad controller, the Tuxedo Touch WIFI also serves as a Z-Wave hub for building a smart home network. Compatible Z-Wave devices are enrolled with the Tuxedo Touch so that they can be controlled locally from the keypad. And if the Tuxedo Touch Keypad is used with a VISTA System that is monitored on a plan that includes access to Total Connect 2.0, then a user can control these devices remotely through the Total Connect 2.0 website or app.

One of the best aspects of a smart home network is having the ability to create smart scenes that activate automatically based on a set schedule or with predetermined events. Each smart scene includes a trigger that tells the scene to occur, and the resulting actions that take place. A simple example could be a smart scene with a time-based trigger of 8:00 pm daily, with the action of turning ON the living room light with a Z-Wave light switch. Once this scene is enabled, the Z-Wave light switch would turn ON every day at 8:00 pm. You can build up to ten (10) of these scenes locally at the Tuxedo Touch Keypad, while another twenty (20) can be created through Total Connect 2.0. This results in thirty (30) smart scenes total.

When setting a trigger for a smart scene, a user can choose Sunrise or Sunset. This will have the scene go into effect and have the set action(s) occur at the local Sunrise time or the local Sunset time. It is important to understand that the Tuxedo Touch will get the local Sunrise or Sunset time from the AlarmNet Servers. This is also how the Tuxedo obtains the local weather forecast to display on the main screen. You must set the designated ZIP code to use for Sunrise/Sunset and the weather forecast. This can be done by clicking the weather forecast on the right-hand side of the main keypad screen and entering the ZIP Code at the bottom. Once this has been done, the Tuxedo Touch will use its WIFI connection to obtain Sunrise/Sunset time and weather information on a daily basis. This information will be stored locally on the keypad. Any scene set to trigger based on Sunrise or Sunset will activate at the corresponding time each time. If the Tuxedo is ever unable to obtain the daily Sunrise or Sunset time, then it will just use the most recently obtained time.

One important thing to consider if you want to create a scene with a time-based Sunrise or Sunset trigger is that it is only possible to do so with a local scene created at the Tuxedo. You will not be given the option to set Sunrise or Sunset triggers for scenes created in Total Connect 2.0. Keep in mind that you are restricted to only creating ten (10) localized scenes on the Tuxedo Keypad itself. The other twenty (20) smart scenes created within TC2 cannot be set to trigger with Sunrise or Sunset. Plan accordingly so that you have enough scenes available. Remember to keep your Tuxedo Touch connected to the internet with its WIFI connection and have the proper ZIP code set. If the Tuxedo loses internet connection and is unable to obtain the updated Sunrise and Sunset time for the day, then it will instead use whatever Sunrise and Sunset time was last obtained. And if you never restore WIFI connectivity. then the Tuxedo Keypad will never be able to update its old and outdated Sunrise and Sunset information, and any Sunrise or Sunset triggers will occur at the same time every day. Furthermore, if the Tuxedo has never been connected to the internet, or if its ZIP Code has never been set, then the Tuxedo will never have obtained Sunrise or Sunset information, and such triggers will never take place.

You can see the Sunrise and Sunset trigger options in local scene creation for the Tuxedo Keypad. To do this, start from the main screen of the Tuxedo Touch WIFI. Choose Automation, then select the second button from the left at the bottom. This is the Scene button, and it will take you to the Scene Menu. Click the Add button in the bottom-right corner to access a menu where you can build a new scene. In the middle section labeled Trigger, click the pencil icon. This will allow you to set the trigger for the scene. The Event Trigger Type option on the left should be set to "Time" for a time-based trigger. You can select on which days the trigger should occur. However, the Sunrise and Sunset triggers are found by toggling the button to the right of the "Start Time" field. If you click on the "By Clock" button, then you can toggle it between "By Clock", "Sunrise", and "Sunset". Choosing Sunrise or Sunset will cause the other time options to become greyed out so that they cannot be adjusted. Once the desired options are displayed, press the floppy disc button at the bottom to save the Trigger settings. You can then build the rest of the smart scene, including setting a condition and any resulting actions. Remember to save the scene when you are finished.

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