Why Does My DSC Neo Show "Function Is Not Available"?

One way to receive the error "Function is Not Available" is to attempt to enter keypad programming on a multi-partition system, while one of the partitions is armed. This will generate a "Function is Not Available" error message. You must disarm the partition first, then enter programming.

When you enter programming on a security panel, you take the system offline for the duration of programming. Generally speaking, there are exceptions to this rule, but when you're in panel programming, you're telling the panel how to behave under a multitude of circumstances. Until you exit programming and the panel has a chance to save your programming changes, it won't know for sure how it's supposed to behave. So, the panel won't allow you to enter programming when any portion of the system is armed.

If you are using a DSC NEO panel with multiple partitions enabled, you can press and hold the # key for about three (3) seconds on a full alpha display keypad to see the basic status of each partition. In the image below, the numbers 1 - 4 represent partition numbers. The letters beneath represent the status of each partition. N = Not Ready, R = Ready, and A = Armed. If you attempt to enter programming and receive an error message, this is a quick and easy way to check the arming status of all partitions.

Another scenario where you may see the error "Function is Not Available" is if you attempt to enter installer programming through a keypad, but access to keypad programming has been locked out. Programming location [990] can be used to enable or disable Installer Lockout. In addition to disabling keypad programming, enabling the Installer Lockout also disables the ability to perform a hardware default of the panel. One way to confirm whether the Installer Lockout is on is to power the panel down completely. When you power back on, listen for the panel's phone line seizure relay to rapidly click multiple times. This indicates Installer Lockout has been enabled.

Finally, on a system with multiple keypads you can only enter programming on one keypad at a time. That means if I enter programming at the Living Room Keypad, then you attempt to enter programming from the Master Bedroom Keypad, you will receive a "Function is Not Available" error. This is because I'm already in programming on a different keypad.

It's important to note that the DSC PowerSeries NEO panel will not exit from [*][8] programming on its own. That means, if you enter programming and then walk away from the keypad without exiting, the panel is going to stay in that state for an unlimited amount of time. Until you or someone else properly exits programming from the keypad. So, always be sure to exit programming by pressing the [#] key repeatedly until the system exits programming and returns to normal.

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