Why Does ZWSTAT Reset to 85°F on L5100, Total Connect?

So you just installed your fancy ZWSTAT Z-Wave thermostat and signed up for Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service (hopefully with one of Alarm Grid's home monitoring service). If you're anything like me, you probably woke up at 6 AM to 78 degree temperature and slowly sweated to death by 8 AM with a 85 degree setting.

Before you pull out anymore hair, or sweat through anymore sheets, we have a solution!

If your Honeywell ZWSTAT is hooked up to a Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 panel like the L5100, chances are that your problem is Total Connect 2.0 trying to be a good citizen and commit you to Energy Star Defaults.

We all love energy savings. But let's save energy on our own schedule!

To disable the Total Connect 2.0 settings, which will override your own panel's automation rules and even your thermostat's schedule, simply log into your Total Connect 2.0 account at https://rs.alarmnet.com/TotalConnect2/.

You should see your thermostat(s) under automation. Click on the little clock looking icon next to your thermostat and it should pull up a schedule.

Each day will have its own slider and, by default, they'll all be loaded with Energy Star recommended settings. To disable those settings and start from scratch yourself, click "All Days" and then click on a knob from each time slider and turn off "enable."

After you're done with each of the four time slots, save and enjoy energy savings on your own schedule.

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You would have to clear the local scheduling from each ZWSTAT. Set option 0160 and 0165 to 0 on each ZWSTAT.
No, is there an easy way to erase all local schedules? I have three zones, each with its own stat.
Yes, you do need to sync. Did you remove all of the local scheduling from your actual thermostat?
After saving the schedule, I assume a panel sync is required? I'm still having trouble getting my thermostats to follow the Total Connect 2.0 schedule instead of their own "local" schedule. Everything else with the TC 2.0 syncs just fine, included my other z-wave automated devices.

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