Why Doesn't My L5210 Do Anything When I Click "Program"?

If your L5210 does not do anything when you click "Program", that means you have been locked out of programming. This is what happens when you select "No" when asked if you want to allow the installer to re-enter programming. You will need to use the backdoor method to access programming.

Whenever you exit the programming menu on a Honeywell L5210, you will be asked "Allow Installer to re-enter programming?" It is very important that you choose "Yes" when you are asked this question. This will allow you to re-access the programming menu of the panel at a later time. If you answer "No", and then when it asks "Are You Sure?" you choose "Yes", you will be locked out of programming. The only way to access programming at this point is to use the backdoor method. This process can also be used if you ever forget your installer code.

Complete the following steps to use the backdoor method and re-enter programming:

1. Reboot the panel. From the home screen of the L5210, go to Security > More > Tools > enter the Master Code (default is 1234) > Test > Reboot. Choose "Yes" when asked if you are sure. The system will perform a reboot.

2. Press and hold the Home button. The Home button is the picture of the house on the front of the panel, below the touchscreen. Press and hold this button as soon as you see the panel light back up, after the reboot. You'll see a message that says "System Standby." Continue to hold the Home button until the system reboots and you see a green bar with the words "Ready to Arm" across the top of the screen. You can then release the home button.

3. Clear the lockout. Very quickly, press "Security" and then "Arm Stay". A keypad will pop-up. Press the "Clear" button at the bottom left of the keypad. Then press "00". You will be taken to the installer menu. The programming lockout will now be cleared.

4. Enter programming. Click on "Program". You will now be in the programming menu. If you used the backdoor method because you didn't remember the Installer Code, press the Installer Code option and either view and remember the code, or press "Clear" then enter a new 4 digit Installer Code that you will remember.

The video below shows you how to backdoor into programming on a Honeywell L5100. The L5100 uses a slightly different backdoor method than the L5210, but the process is very similar.

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