Why Won't My Keyfob Disarm My 2GIG System After a Panic Alarm?

Your keyfob won't disarm your 2GIG system after a panic alarm because 2GIG does not allow keyfob disarms after a panic alarm has occurred. After a panic alarm, a 2GIG system will need to be disarmed from the panel itself. This will require the Master Code or a valid user code to be entered.

A panic alarm is generally activated during an emergency situation. Due to the hectic and unpredictable nature of an emergency event, 2GIG felt that it was necessary to provide some extra protection for end users. One possible emergency scenario consists of an intruder breaking into your home. If you see an intruder or hear a break-in, it is very likely that you will instinctively press the panic button on your keyfob to request immediate dispatch from the appropriate authorities.

However, it is possible that the intruder may then see the keyfob and believe that it is a valid way to disarm the system after a panic alarm. For that reason, they may try to take control of the keyfob from you and disarm the system using that method. But because of the security implementation by 2GIG, it will not be possible to disarm the system using the keyfob in this type of situation.

Instead, the only way to disarm the system after a panic is to enter in a valid user code or the Master Code at the panel itself. This will ensure that the police are dispatched in a panic situation, even if a criminal is able to apprehend the keyfob. With this process, only a person who knows a valid panel entry code will be able to disarm the system. As long as the intruder does not know a valid user code or the Master Code, they will not be able to disarm the system and prevent police dispatch.

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