Will a GSMX4G Work on a VISTA-20P With a 5.2 Revision Chipset?

Yes, a GSMX4G will work on a VISTA-20P with a 5.2 Revision Chipset. The GSMX4G connects to the 20P keypad bus and reports in Contact ID format. The GSMX4G supports Compass upload/download on 20P version 5.2 or above and requires 20P version 9.12 or above to support Total Connect 2.0.

The most basic function of the GSMX4G is to convey alarm signals, via cellular service, from the alarm panel to the monitoring station. The GSMX4G can do this on all versions of the Vista-20P panel. The GSMX4G is an AT&T based communicator. The CDMA-X can be used in its place in areas where Verizon provides better coverage.

ECP stands for Enhanced Console Protocol. It's basically the language the Vista-20P uses to speak to all of the devices that connect to its keypad bus, including the GSMX4G. In ECP mode, the panel is able to, very quickly, alert the GSMX4G that an alarm has occurred, and it can then report that signal to the monitoring station.

The GSMX4G supports remote panel programming through upload/download from the Compass software in all communicator versions. However, the Vista-20P only began supporting this feature in version 5.2. This means any Vista-20P that is version 5.2 or higher with a registered GSMX4G connected can be remotely programmed using the latest version of Compass 2.0 software. This software, which is provided free of charge from Honeywell to all registered security dealers, allows for the same programming that can be done via keypad to be conducted anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. It makes troubleshooting issues caused by programming problems much quicker and easier.

The GSMX4G supports remote interactive services using Total Connect 2.0. The Vista-20P began supporting this feature in version 9.12. In this version, RIS (address 25) had to be enabled manually in programming location *91. In panel version 10, this feature can no longer be disabled.

Since the GSMX4G connects to the panel's keypad bus and receives the same information that is received by a keypad, the user is able to, through TC2, view system status, arm/disarm, bypass zones, add/edit/delete user codes, view event history and anything else that can be done through a local keypad.

When Total Connect 2.0 is enabled in the GSMX4G, it uses 3 separate addresses on the keypad bus. These addresses are address 3 as a communicator (this is enabled in programming location *29), address 2 as a touchscreen keypad or AUI (enabled in programming location *189) and address 25 as an RIS device (enabled in *91, or always enabled, depending on panel version). In order for all aspects of TC2 to work properly, all 3 addresses need to be enabled on both the GSMX4G and the Vista-20P.

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