Will a Honeywell LYNX L5100 work without a phone line?

The different methods of communication for a LYNX Touch security system are as follows:

1) Phone Line

While the Honeywell Lynx 5100 supports AlarmNet internet or cellular communicators that get installed inside the control panel, it can connect to a traditional phone line without needing to add any extra devices. Simply plug a phone cord into the 8-pin jack or wire the premise phone line into the Tip and RING terminals inside the control panel. You can't get Total Connect with a phone line connection, but you can still get basic alarm monitoring.

2) Internet (Ethernet or WIFI)

If you don't have a phone line or want to utilize Total Connect service, you will need an AlarmNet communicator. For internet monitoring, you have the choice between a hardwired connection and a wireless connection. The iLP5 AlarmNet communicator is easy to install, (very similar to the GSM for which there is a video as you will see below) and it will allow your panel to be monitored by conneting an Ethernet cable from your router to the ILP5. If you don't want to run wires, you have the option to use the L5100-WIFI module. Installation is easy, and takes about 10 seconds if your panel is open. You can see the video below:

3) GSM (Cellular)

In addition to WIFI, ethernet, or traditional phone line, the L5100 can be used with a GSM communicator. The communicator, a GSMVLP5-4G, requires that you purchase a plan through an AlarmNet dealer in order to activate its internal SIM card which comes with the device. It is often considered the most secure way to be monitored as there is no wire that can be cut (unlike the phone line or internet paths), nor is the cellular path as unpredictable as one's internet service which can have a tendency to stop working suddenly.

If you need installaiton help of the L5100's GSM unit, you can get it by watching the following video:

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You'd need to enter programming, go to Communicator, and set the Communication Path to None. <a href="https://www.alarmgrid.com/videos/honeywell-l5100-getting-back-into-programming-after-being-locked-out">This</a> should help you with getting into programming.
Hi, We are renting the house and we have l5100 newer version installed. We do not have current contract with any security monitoring companies. Our system randomly starts beeping indication 103 Comm error. How do I program my system to stop looking for Long Range Communication?
Hi Omar, If you hook up an analog phone line the panel is able to call your phone through the Follow Me Feature, assuming the phone line is a real analog line and it's programmed properly. However, if you sign up for our Self Monitoring plan and you install an L5100-WIFI module in your system, we would provide you with Total Connect 2.0 service so that you could arm/disarm the system remotely and you would be able to receive email and/or text message notifications as well.
I just bought lynx l5200 i and live abroad what do i need to my honeywell make a call to my cellphone in case of break in
Ah okay. Alarms typically need a regular analog phone line to work for phone monitoring. Some of the newer digital phone services can work but IP or cellular monitoring is typically a better option.
It is a Home phone hub that works with ATT cell sevice and plugs in to a home phone. tried hooking one up today a could not get tone at panel. Did just find on ATT that will not work with alarm sys.
No, I'm not familiar with that unit. What does it do?
Sterling, Have you hooked up the ATT wireless home phone hub to a panel yet?
Yes, we can offer you phone line monitoring using our Basic Monitoring plan and then do the videos through a Total Connect account. It would be $25/month.
I think you are better off with an L5200 or L700 instead of the L5100. Both systems should support everything you mentioned here.
The system could be monitored through WIFI, GSM and/or phone line. The cameras would go WIFI or hardwired back to your router. Their is a monthly fee for Total Connect service and video is an option for that. You can view our no-contract rates at https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring. You can view AlarmNet cameras from the L5200 screen as long as the WIFI module is installed, even without a fee but you wouldn't be able to access the system or cameras remotely without a fee.
i want to use land-line for monitor because wifi can drop and i want to avoid monthly cell fees with AT&T. But can Honeywell do both simultaneously; land-line monitoring and wifi cameras to AlarmNet?
And so you understand what i am wanting to do: 1 touch screen keypad 15-ish wireless door/window sensors 5 smoke detectors 3 CO dectectors 3 HVAC controls possible lighting controls and Cameras We have a 3 story house but just perimeter coverage on the 1st floor & Basement I have heard the Lynx 5100 model can do up to 3 HVAC and 3 lighting controls?
Thanks for the prompt response! So, my monitoring would be via landline. And the Cameras could be wifi through Alarmnet? Is there a monthly subscription fee for Alarmnet? I would like to use a Honeywell camera at the front door. I have heard the image of that camera could appear on the keypad. Is that true
Hi David, The L5100 doesn't have any hardware integration with cameras. If you want to use the AlarmNet cameras, you just need internet service on site. As for the GSM communicator, it does use the AT&T network.
I have heard that the WIFI is required if doing cameras with the Lynx 5100 system? secondly is AT&T cell service required with the GSM signal?

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