Will a Key Fob Panic Alert Total Connect?

Yes, a key fob panic will alert Total Connect. Activating a key fob panic is the same as triggering an alarm on the system. All system alarms are reported to Total Connect. This is true whether they are audible or silent. If the user has notifications enabled, they will receive an alert.

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Many users will dedicate a key fob input to triggering a system panic. This can be be useful for emergency situations, such as a burglary, robbery, hostage situation, fire or medical emergency. Most key fob will require you to press and hold the key fob input for a couple of seconds for the command to go through. This is done to prevent false alarms. Remember, a key fob input used to trigger a panic will require its own key fob zone on the system.

If you have a Honeywell Alarm System that is set up with Total Connect 2.0, then the service will display an alert when you activate a system panic using a key fob. If you have notifications enabled, then you can receive an alert via text and/or email when this happens. If you don't have notifications enabled, then you can still view the event in the TC2 event log. These same principles apply to security systems set up with Alarm.com. The only difference is that the notifications will be sent from Alarm.com rather than Total Connect 2.0.

All system alarms are reported to Total Connect 2.0. This includes alarms activated using a key fob. There are multiple types of alarms that can be triggered. The most common types are burglary, fire and auxiliary. You can set the alarm type when programming the key fob input. You should choose the alarm type based on how you plan on using the key fob input.

Burglary alarms are activated for security breaches, such as intrusions, robberies and hostage situations. A burglary alarm will request police dispatch. Fire alarms are activated when there is a fire. A fire alarm will request dispatch from the fire department. An auxiliary alarm is also known as a medical alarm, and it is used when there is a medical emergency. An auxiliary alarm will request paramedic dispatch.

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