Will My PROA7 or PROA7PLUS Work With A MyQ Garage Door?

A MyQ garage door uses Wi-Fi and cannot learn directly into a PROA7 or PROA7PLUS. However, both are compatible with Total Connect 2.0. With a TC2 plan that includes automation, you can integrate your MyQ device. Then, you can control both your PROA7 or PROA7PLUS and your garage door from TC2.

When we refer to the Honeywell Home PROA7 or Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS, the information provided also rings true for the Resideo PROA7C or Resideo PROA7PLUSC. The only difference between the Honeywell Home panels and the Resideo panels is the labeling on the front of the panel. There are some big differences between the Plus and Non-Plus versions, which you can read more about here.

This family of ProSeries alarm panels all use a remote interactive service called Total Connect 2.0 or, for short, TC2. It adds many convenient features to the alarm system. This includes real-time alerts about events happening on your system. It also provides remote access and control of your alarm system and any connected automation devices, with the added ability to create automation rules based on schedules, events, and other criteria.

MyQ is a third-party Wi-Fi garage door controller. Through the internet, the MyQ garage door speaks to the MyQ servers, allowing the user to monitor and operate the garage door through an app. MyQ and TC2 joined forces so that users can integrate the garage door into TC2. Then, from TC2, you can see your current status, and open or close your garage door. The TC2 server communicates with the MyQ server for seamless operation. This integration allows the user to control both the alarm system and the garage doors with a single app and login.

TC2 is only available through an alarm dealer who supports the service, such as Alarm Grid. The TC2 mobile app is available as a free download through the iOS and Android app stores. On a computer, a user can also navigate to totalconnect2.com and log in using the website. The TC2 account will need to be enabled with the Smart Home service tier. For Alarm Grid customers, this will include the Silver level plans (Self or Full), or above. Verify with your dealer that you have this service tier enabled. Alarm Grid customers can send an email to support@alarmgrid.com to verify their plan, or to have this feature enabled if it isn't already.

Follow the instructions below to integrate MyQ with TC2. (Screenshots are from the iOS App, but web and Android apps provide a similar experience.) We recommend setting up your MyQ account and adding the garage door(s) using the MyQ App before proceeding. We also have content that was created before there were some minor changes to TC2. The video is called "Connecting a Liftmaster MyQ Garage Door to a Honeywell Alarm System" and we also have a complete setup guide provided by Resideo/Honeywell. The screenshots in this article are more current than the previous FAQ. These steps assume that the garage door controller has been installed and is working, and that the user is able to log into the MyQ app and successfully control the garage door.

1. Log into TC2. Open and log into TC2. Access the app from an iOS device, Android device, or a computer with an internet connection using totalconnect2.com. If auto-login is not enabled, log in using the proper username and password. If this is your first attempt to log in, you will have received an email from your alarm monitoring company with instructions on how to proceed. If you have not received such an email, you will need to contact your monitoring company and have them provide you with the proper credentials.

2. Select Devices. Once logged in, select 'Devices' at the bottom of the screen. In older versions of the TC2 App, this was labeled as the 'Automation' tab.

3. Enter Add/Remove Menu. On the Device screen, you will see 3 dots at the top right of your screen. This is the options menu. Touch the 3 dots and then select the 'Add/Remove Devices' option.

4. Select Chamberlain/LiftMaster Setup. You should now have a menu of various third-party options to choose from. Select the 'Chamberlain/LiftMaster' option. You will then have an option to choose to create a MyQ account or if you have already created one, 'Link to Existing MyQ Account.' If you used the MyQ App to connect your garage doors initially, as suggested above, you should already have an existing account. If that's the case, choose the latter option.

5. Enter MyQ credentials. This is a server-to-server integration, and this is where you link the two servers together. Enter the credentials from your MyQ App to properly link the two accounts.

6. Select the desired garage doors. After entering valid credentials, you will be shown a list of all garage doors previously enrolled with MyQ.

After completing the integration, you will now have control of your alarm panel and your MyQ garage doors, all from the Total Connect 2.0 app or website.

Note: The following early generation devices are NOT supported for use with TC 2.0. You can view the serial number on the device itself or in the MyQ app, once enrolled:

  • Chamberlain garage door openers with serial numbers beginning in 0300
  • LiftMaster garage door openers with serial numbers beginning in 0400
  • MyQ also works with other devices, such as commercial garage door controllers, gate controllers, lighting controls, and cameras. These devices are also not currently supported in TC2.

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