Will the LT-Cable Work with the Lyric Gateway?

The LT-Cable is fully compatible with the Lyric Gateway but is not needed with the Gateway as the system ships with a terminated power cable.

The LT-Cable is a terminated and ready to use power cable for LYNX Touch and the Lyric alarm, though it could be used with just about any alarm panel. The LT-Cable is a 2 conductor, 18 gauge cable which is finished on both ends. On one end, the conductors are finished with spade leads that fit neatly under the unit’s power transformer terminals. The other end of the LT- Cable has a barrel connector which fits into the power connection port on the back of the Gateway. For use with other panels, the barrel connector connects to a short jumper with 2 pre-stripped flying leads. The leads are black and red, for DC powered panels, but could easily be used for AC powered panels, where polarity is not observed. The nice thing about this, for a panel such as a Vista-20P for example, is that it gives you a quick power disconnect so that if you need to remove AC, you don’t have to unscrew the transformer from the wall plug, or unscrew any panel terminals, and as long as the barrel connector is inside the metal enclosure, it’s protected from unauthorized access. As stated before, the Lyric Gateway ships with an included finished power cable, but the LT-Cable is a good alternative, if the provided power cable is lost, or becomes damaged.

The Lyric Gateway is the second system released in the Lyric line. The system is a fully wireless, all in one alarm and home automation panel. It has a built in WIFI communicator and integrated Ethernet jack. The top of the Gateway opens to reveal expansion bays where an AT&T or Verizon cellular communicator can be installed. The Gateway can use WIFI, Ethernet or Cellular as its sole method of communication. Additionally, WIFI and Ethernet can be combined with Cellular in a dual path setup. With this feature enabled, the system will use WIFI or Ethernet as its primary mode of communication and switch to Cellular as a secondary communication path if the primary fails. The reason WIFI or Ethernet is used as the primary is that they are faster and more readily available, though less reliable, than Cellular.

The Lyric Gateway is manufactured with a built in Z-Wave plus controller. The system supports up to 76 Z-Wave devices being enrolled simultaneously. Within these 76 devices there can be 6 Z-Wave thermostats, 6 Z-Wave door locks, 4 Z-Wave garage door openers and 60 Z-Wave light switches or appliance modules. On top of the 76 Z-Wave devices, the system can also integrate with up to 4 Lyric WIFI thermostats.

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