Will the Lyric Security System Open/Close Garage Doors?

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller will open and close garage doors. This requires the Honeywell 5877 Garage Door Relay. This a wireless relay module that supports both Normally Open and Normally Closed garage motors. It requires AC power and a two wire connection to the garage motor.

Generally, there is a duplex (two outlet AC receptacle) on the ceiling above your garage motor. The motor uses the first plug, and the relay's included power supply can plug into the other open slot. We recommend 18 to 22 AWG (gauge), 2-conductor cabling for the connection from the relay to the motor. There is usually a wall button for local control of the motor. Trace this wiring back to the motor, and land the patch cable to relay in parallel on top of those same connections. On the relay, you want to land one connection on your common (C terminal) and the other on NC (Normally Closed) or NO (Normally Open) depending on the motor. You will not hurt the relay by trying this with "trial and error." Just land one on C and the other on NC and test. If it does not work, move the NC wire to NO.

Honeywell 5877gdpk wireless relay module with z wave siren

After your connections are made, you need to enroll the 5877 to your Lyric Controller. Under "Automation", hit the down key and then "Garage Door Setup." Choose the garage door number, and enter the serial number located on the relay. When setting up your garage doors, we recommend setting up a Honeywell 5822T Garage Door Tilt Sensor. This sits on the inside of the overhead door and reports the status of the door back to the system. This is particularly helpful when using the garage control features on the Lyric Panel or remotely through the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App. Without a sensor on the garage door, you will simply be toggling the motor up and down. You will have no way of viewing the status of the door.

Garage Door 1 links with Zone 127, Door 2 with 128, Door 3 with 129 and Door 4 with 130. This means that you have to program your garage overhead door sensor to that zone number in order for the status to match up with the proper relay. If you program the sensor to a different zone, it will not show the proper status in the automation section of the Lyric Controller, nor Total Connect 2.0.

The 5877 comes in a kit called the 5877GDPK, which has a relay and the SSA1 Z-wave siren. The siren offers audio-visual warning when the relay triggers the garage door to close or open. If you have the traditional laser beams, the siren is not completely necessary. If you want to pair it to the system, you can press "Include" on the bottom of the garage door setup screen.

Please note: There is an LED on the relay designed to mirror the armed status of the LYNX Touch series panels. This LED does not function with the Lyric. Also, the 5877 does NOT support MyQ LiftMaster Garage Motors.

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Did you already do a panel sync from the Locations section? That should pull in all your automation devices including the garage door control. Then you should see the garage door in the Automation section of TC after that. This all assumes that have TC Automation services enabled from your monitoring company. If you are a customer of ours please email us directly at support@alarmgrid.com for help.
I installed the 5877 through the lyric and I can see how to open and close it from the panel in "Automation" but can't find anywhere to do it on TC2... Help? Todd
I have the same controller maybe and fixed it by putting the two wires in the far left (should be empty) wiring holes on the garage motor itself. When I wired them with the button wires it didnt work. All good now. I have the M4700
Philip HomeKit is not compatible with the 5877 through the Lyric. That's one situation where having Total Connect 2.0 is an advantage over having HomeKit alone. If you have TC2, you'd be able to control your garage door using the 5877 remotely.
Do you know how to get the 5877 sensor to show up in Apple home kit? I have reset HomeKit and reloaded, and the sensor still will not appear in HomeKit.
We don't seem to have any accounts linked to this email. Are you able to email support@alarmgrid.com with your request using the email associated with your account so we can assist? Unfortunately, the 5877 is not compatible with the Lyric Gateway and only works with the LYNX Touch and Lyric touchscreen systems.
Hmm, I'm not sure why it would have an LED unless it's a more advanced type of control. Have you checked with the garage door manufacturer?
Yes I am at a loss. The wall control has a lighted button and when I wire the 5877 to the same terminals with the wall control on the actual motor the light goes out on wall and stops functioning. It's a marantec 260
Well typical push buttons don't even get power and are just wired back to the garage door controller so that when pressed, the controller changes state. Therefore, adding the wires from the 5877 back to the same 2 terminals on the garage controller in parallel to the existing wiring shouldn't affect the button's control of the controller.
Similar push button wall control. No matter how I wire it to garage, the wall control loses power
We're not familiar with that specific type of garage opener. Does it use something other than a normal push button that changes the state of the door in terms of the "wall control"?
Hooked up to marantec garage opener directly and the wall control loses power. Any ideas?
Unfortunately, the 5877 is not compatible with Liftmaster MyQ door controllers at this time.
I have two Liftmaster garage doors that I open and close using the MyQ app. If I purchase the 5877 module will I be able to open and close the doors using Siri on my iPhone and with the Lyric Controller? In other words, ditch the MyQ app and use Lyric and HomeKit instead?
It requires the Self Silver plan since garage door control falls under automation services.
In order to monitor and control garage doors remotely would the "Self Silver" level of self-monitoring be required or would "Self Bronze" work?
You will need the Chamberlain CIGBU Internet Gateway. This will give you access to the garage on the MyQ app. Like Sterling said, there is no way interact with the the Lyric or TC due to compatibility issues.
Unfortunately, the 5877 module needed for the Lyric garage door feature isn't compatible with the Liftmaster MyQ doors so you'll have to use the separate MyQ app to control your door independent of the Lyric system.
Do you have a recommendation for how to connect the Lyric Controller with a Liftmaster MyQ garage motor?

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