Will Total Connect 2.0 Work on a Honeywell VISTA 10P?

The Honeywell VISTA-10P alarm panel does not support Total Connect 2.0. However it does support the first generation Total Connect 1.0 which allows you to remotely arm and disarm the system as well as program up to eight alarm system events for email and/or text message notifications. Total Connect 1.0 is more t will send you an alarm notification with a fire or burglary alarm and no particular zone descriptor and thats about it. It is very much worth looking into your options for Total Connect 2.0. What separates the two are the comprehensive log of all activity on the system, detailed, customizable reporting for all zones to unlimited users and the ability to add remote home automation control services to a clean, integrated platform.

If you have a VISTA-10P and want Total Connect 2.0, you have a couple options. The easiest option is to swap in a new wired VISTA panel. As you will find in the , the honeywell VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P and VISTA-21iP are great upgrade options. Both the VISTA-15P and 20P will need an internet or cellular Alarmnet communicator. The 7847i internet communicator and the GSMV4G cellular communicator are the best in class. The VISTA-21iP has a built in internet communicator that needs an ethernet connection or wired to wireless adapter (gaming adapter). You can also use a VISTA-GSM for cellular back up if desired.

It is always wise to confirm the panel's and communicator's revision numbers to ensure you are purchasing a Total Connect 2.0 compatible revision. Check out the Total Connect 2.0 compatibility chart! When making the physical swap of the panels it is best practice to label all your wires especially if you have a zone list to correspond them to. Then you can properly land the zones when you make the swap. We offer a free upload/download service that will save you the time and aggravation of reprogramming the new panel. This is only offered for customers that plan to activate one of our no contract monitoring plans.

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