Honeywell LTEM-XV

AlarmNet Verizon LTE Cat M1 Communicator for VISTA

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The Honeywell LTEM-XV provides fast and reliable connectivity for your VISTA Panel across the Verizon LTE Cat M1 Network. Installing and activating this module will allow your compatible ECP mode VISTA System to connect with the AlarmNet Servers for monitoring service. Buy the LTEM-XV here.
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The Honeywell LTEM-XV is an AlarmNet Cellular Communicator that works with any Honeywell VISTA System that supports ECP mode. It runs across the Verizon LTE Cat M1 Network and offers fast and reliable service for the connected panel. It retains the same setup as its predecessor, the LTE-XV.

When it comes to communication paths for alarm systems, you really cannot go wrong with cellular. It is very dependable, and it is also quite fast. And thanks to the Verizon LTE Cat M1 Network used with the LTEM-XV, performance is boosted even further. You can count on this communicator to keep your Honeywell VISTA Security Panel consistently connected with the Resideo AlarmNet Servers that facilitate alarm monitoring service. Anyone in an area with solid coverage from the Verizon LTE Network can count on the LTEM-XV. Users in rural area without decent coverage may want to consider adding a cellular antenna or a cellular amplifier.

By installing and activating the LTEM-XA with a compatible panel, you will be able to start using the Total Connect 2.0 service to control your system remotely. Total Connect 2.0 can be accessed using a web browser or a mobile app on your phone, and it will let you arm and disarm, check system status, control automation devices, and view the live feed for Honeywell IP Cameras. It is truly an outstanding service that you will definitely want to take advantage of, so make sure that it is included in your monitoring plan.

There are some firmware requirements for Total Connect 2.0 to keep in mind. For a VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P, the installed PROM Chip must be version 9.12 or higher. We offer PROM Chip upgrades for the 15P and for the 20P if you need one. As for the VISTA TURBO Panels, all VISTA-128BPT Systems can support TC2, and any VISTA-250BPT with a 10.3 PROM Chip or higher is compatible. Unfortunately for VISTA-10P users, that system cannot support TC2 on any firmware version, but the LTEM-XV can still provide the system with basic cellular monitoring service and central station connectivity.

Setting up the LTEM-XV is quite easy. The communicator uses a 4-wire connection with the panel. You need to supply your own alarm wiring, since it is not included with the communicator. Most installers will use 4-conductor wiring, but doubling up 2-conductor wiring is also okay. The recommended thickness is 18AWG or 22AWG. The communicator receives all its power from the alarm panel, so there is no need to add a transformer or a backup battery. But keep in mind that the maximum current draw for the communicator is 105mA when signals are being sent.

Remember that a compatible alarm monitoring plan is required to use the LTEM-XV. Like any cellular communicator, you need a cellular monitoring plan to use it. Compatible plans include the Gold and Platinum Level Plans from Alarm Grid. Our Self and Full Plans are both fine. To learn more about our alarm monitoring plans, please review this extensive blog post.

Please note that this is the Verizon model. An LTE Cat M1 model called the Honeywell LTEM-XA is also available. Use whichever one works best in your area.


  • Product Type: AlarmNet Cellular Communicator
  • Compatibility: Honeywell VISTA Panels (ECP Panels Only)
  • Network: Verizon LTE Cat M1 Network
  • LED Status Lights: Yes
  • Tamper Detection: No
  • Mounting Hardware: Included
  • Current Draw (Standby): 26mA
  • Current Draw (Transmitting): 105mA
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 131°F
  • Operating Humidity: 0% to 95%, Non-Condensing

Brand: HoneywellResideo

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