What Does One-Go-All-Go Mean?

One-Go-All-Go means that a smoke detector is programmed with an interlinked network of life-safety devices. When the device is triggered and begins sounding, all the other compatible devices on the network will also begin sounding. This helps ensure that everyone in the building is alerted.

Honeywell 5800combo smoke heat and co detector

The One-Go-All-Go feature exists as an important safety tool. If only a single smoke detector activates, then people in a different part of the building might not hear it, and they might not know to vacate the premises. By having every smoke detector on the network begin sounding, it is more likely that everyone in the building will know to take action. This can be particularly important for larger homes and businesses where the sound needs to be spread out across a larger area.

Not every wireless smoke detector supports the One-Go-All-Go feature. You need to find a model that can be used in this manner. Some alarm panels may not be compatible with any smoke detectors that support this feature. You may need to upgrade your system if you want to set up a One-Go-All-Go network. Additionally, smoke detectors that do not support One-Go-All-Go will not be able to use the feature when paired on the same network with other smokes that do support it. You can certainly mix devices with the feature and devices without the feature on the same system. But only those that support One-Go-All-Go will activate due to another compatible smoke detector device being triggered.

As for wired smoke detectors, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering One-Go-All-Go. Traditionally, the high-voltage smokes that you will find in nearly any building are One-Go-All-Go. But most high-voltage smoke detectors cannot interface with alarm systems directly. It may be possible to indirectly integrate a One-Go-All-Go network of high-voltage smoke detectors with an alarm system by using a wireless listening module. This is a great way to interface an existing network of wired high-voltage smoke detectors with an alarm system. There are wired smoke detectors that can directly interface with alarm systems, but setting up One-Go-All-Go with these devices is complicated, and requires additional wiring and programming.

When setting up a One-Go-All-Go smoke detector network, it is best practice to use smoke detector devices from the same product lineup. Devices from the same manufacturer are more likely to successfully integrate together for One-Go-All-Go. If you use devices from different manufacturers on the same system, then it may be difficult or impossible to get them set up for One-Go-All-Go, even if they all support the feature. When in doubt, check the installation guide for the smoke detectors to determine compatibility.

The One-Go-All-Go smoke detectors you choose from will depend on the system you are using. There have been some very nice wireless One-Go-All-Go offerings in more recent years. The Honeywell SiXSMOKE and Honeywell SiXCOMBO devices can interlink on the same network for One-Go-All-Go functionality. These devices are both from the Honeywell SiX Series Lineup, and they work great with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. And Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus users also have a great one-go-all-go smoke detector option in the DSC PG9936. All PowerG Smoke Detectors support One-Go-All-Go functionality. All versions of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus support PowerG Sensors.

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