Are there battery operated heat-only detectors?

Heat detector operation is fairly simple. The detector may activate when ambient temperature reaches a pre-defined point (fixed temperature heat detector) or when ambient temperature rises by a pre-defined amount, over a prescribed amount of time (rate-of-rise heat detector). Heat detectors may employ either of these methods, or in some cases, both. Rate-of-rise heat detectors can usually be reset, therefore can be used again. Fixed temperature heat detectors, once they’ve been activated, usually need to be replaced. I believe this is why many heat detectors employ both technologies. You can safely test the rate-of-rise aspect of the detector, then use it again, and as long as you don’t activate the fixed temperature portion the device is still good. With a fixed temperature only heat detector, if you successfully test it, you have to replace it.

Heat detectors are usually used in spaces where the environment may predictably cause false alarms for smoke detectors, but where fire is still a real possibility that you want to monitor for. Garages, and kitchens are 2 of the places where heat detectors are often employed instead of, or in conjunction with, smoke detectors.

There are two devices I’m aware of that can be used as battery powered, heat-only detectors and be tied into an alarm system. The 5809 and the SIXSmoke.

The 5809 is made by Honeywell, and works with all panels that support the 5800 series wireless devices. It has both a fixed temperature, and a rate-of-rise detector built in. The fixed temperature portion of the detector activates at 135 degrees fahrenheit, and once tripped, the detector must be replaced. The rate-of-rise portion of the detector trips when the temperature rises 15 degrees or more per minute. This part of the detector will reset, so if the rate-of-rise trips, but the fixed temperature sensor doesn’t, the detector can usually be re-used. An alarm will be signaled if either technology is activated, it does not require that both be triggered, and since this is a wireless life-safety device, it will repeat the alarm transmission to the panel every 4 seconds while in alarm.

The SIXSmoke is one of Honeywell’s new encrypted wireless devices, currently only supported by the Lryic, and soon by the Lyric Gateway. It has a Photoelectric smoke detector, as well as a fixed heat detector, and a rate-of-rise heat detector built-in. The specs for these heat detectors are the same as for the 5809; 135 degree fahrenheit fixed temperature, and 15 degree per minute rate-of-rise. The interesting thing about these smokes, unlike Honeywell’s prior 5800 series smokes with heat built in, is that the smoke and heat detectors can be programmed separately. So you can program it for smoke only, for heat only, or for both. The smoke and heat detectors each require a separate zone (fixed heat and rate-of-rise are considered one zone).

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You're welcome. From a manufacturing standpoint, if you're going to go to all that trouble, you're just going to make a smoke (maybe with heat detection built-in) and be done with it.
Thanks Julia. I appreciate your taking the time to respond. No wonder I am having such trouble finding one!
William, these can not be used as stand along detectors. I'm not sure if anyone makes stand-along wireless battery powered heat detectors that operate and sound on their own, if they do, I've never heard of them. The 5809SS has no sounder built-in. It is not a powered device, therefore there is no power to operate a sounder.
Jorge, I have been trying to confirm that I can install the 5809SS without a panel. That it will sound audibly. Have had no luck. Have you used them in that application? Thanks.
These sensors can be used as stand alone detectors. You can also program them into a security system for local and remote monitoring purposes as well. If all you want is a detector to sound when it detects heat these will work for that even though they aren't really designed for that. You could also consider using a normal retail, non-security system related, heat detector as those sound more like what you are looking for. Do you have an alarm system?
Unless I missed something in the article, I was expecting to find an answer to the title, "Are there battery operated heat-only detectors?" That was what I was wanting to know. I am interested in finding a battery operated heat-only detector that will sound an alarm at the detector itself....not something that is wireless and needs to send the indication of a heat detection to some other unit.

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