Smart Locks Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Exclude My Kwikset Z-Wave Lock?
Kwikset Z-Wave Locks usually have a button labeled "A" for both including and excluding. Press the button with the hub in its exclusion mode to exclude. Learn about Kwikset Locks.

How Do I Include My Kwikset Z-Wave Lock?
Most Z-Wave locks from Kwikset have a learn button labeled "A". You should press this button while the system is in its Z-Wave inclusion mode to enroll. Learn about Kwikset locks.

How Do I Disarm a GC3 w/ a Paired Z-Wave Door Lock?
All user codes on a GC3 are automatically pushed down to a Z-Wave door lock, as long as the feature is enabled on Learn how to disarm a GC3 with a Z-Wave door lock.