Can a Honeywell 5800RP Work on a 2GIG System?

The 5800RP is compatible with 2GIG panels. The 5800RP is a repeater that retransmits signals from 5800 series wireless devices at the same strength at which it receives them. Most 5800 sensors have a communication range of around 200 feet. Using the 5800RP, these sensors can communicate up to 400 feet from the panel. 2GIG sensors are not compatible with the 5800RP.

All 2GIG panels are compatible with both 2GIG sensors and all Honeywell 5800 sensors except for those that require a House ID to operate. The House ID is a feature that provides bi-directional communication for certain devices. Notable examples of this are the 5800WAVE wireless siren and the 5828 Wireless Keypad and 5828V Voice wireless keypad. Most 5800 devices do not use the House ID feature and are not bi-directional. Since 2GIG panels do not support the House ID feature, they won't operate with any 5800 series device that requires the House ID feature to function.

5800 sensors have a communication range of approximately 200 feet. In many locations, the 200 foot range is not enough to cover all of the wireless sensors installed. The 5800RP remedies this problem by providing up to an additional 200 foot communication bubble. Any 5800 device that is within range of the 5800RP will have it’s signal repeated automatically. Multiple repeaters can be used with a 2GIG system but each 5800 device’s signal can only be repeated once. The 5800RP is only compatible with Honeywell 5800 wireless devices and will not repeat any signal for any wireless 2GIG sensor. A combination of 5800 sensors and 2GIG sensors can be simultaneously mapped to a 2GIG system, but only the 5800 sensors can have their signals repeated by the 5800RP.

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