Can a Z-Wave lock send alerts when it's unlocked?

There are several ways to setup remote alerts for Z-Wave door locks. This can be accomplished by using the Total Connect 2.0 and apps. Total Connect is an interactive platform designed to work with internet or cellular communicators on compatible Honeywell alarm systems. Popular alarm panels like the L7000 and Lyric alarm can report signals and initiate remote access through the app over a WIFI. supports several panels including the 2GIG Go!Control and GC3 security systems and requires cellular communications. First you need to enroll in monitoring service that includes remote automation services with an AlarmNet or dealer. Next the lock must be included with the alarm panel via Z-Wave. Then custom alerts can be configured to be delivered via email, text and push notifications through the app. (Note: The Lyric and GC panels have integrated Z-Wave controllers already. The Lynx Touch panels like the L5100, L5200, L5210 and L7000 require the L5100-ZWAVE module as an add-on.)

The status of the lock can generate alerts to users on the apps instantly. You can even setup rules to be triggered when the lock is locked or unlocked. For example, when the door is unlocked you can create rule that runs a scene where the entry lights turn on, thermostat temperature is adjusted and security system is disarmed. There are numerous devices that can be added to your scene and triggered by the door being locked or unlocked.

The app has a distinction on door lock alerts that include which user locked or unlocked if the codes are synced. There are only certain door locks that integrate with the 2GIG and Honeywell panels. Generally we recommend Kwikset and Yale. Baldwin brand locks also seem to work well. Schlage seem to be hit or miss depending on the panel and firmware revision of the lock.

Total Connect 2.0 also supports the August lock. This is a bluetooth and WIFI lock so not Z-Wave but accomplishes the same thing. The install is significantly easier since it just replaces the interior side of the deadbolt leaving the exterior hardware in tact. This is convenient since you never have to change the keys either. The August lock supports bluetooth unlike any z-wave lock. This allows auto locking and unlocking for specific users. In order to configure remote access to the lock the August Connect is required.

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