Can I arm/disarm Lyric security system from a phone?

Yes, a user is able to arm and disarm their Lyric Security System from a phone.

Users are able to control the Lyric in two ways from their phone. The Lyric has its own app, called My Home Controller available free of charge from the App store and from the Google Play store. With either of these apps, when the Lyric is connected to a WIFI network, an apple or android device can be used to view status and control the system. This allows a user to access their Lyric from any smart device connected to the same WIFI network. The app has the same User Interface as the Lyric, and can be installed over different devices. This is a convenient way for users to locally access and control the system without incurring any monthly fees. The downside to this app is that the smart device must be on the same WIFI network as the Lyric in order for it to operate.

The other method which can be used to access and control the Lyric either locally or remotely is Total Connect 2.0. This is an app that can be installed on smart devices or accessed through a web browser. Total Connect 2.0 gives the user the ability to remotely arm and disarm the system, program in new users, select where alarm notifications are sent, program and run home automation devices and, with the proper plan, even view Honeywell IPCAMs that are installed at the location.

As long as the WIFI network that Lyric is mapped to is connected to the internet, or if the Lyric has a cellular communicator installed, an end user will be able to access the panel through Total Connect 2.0. This is a great feature that makes Self Monitoring a viable option with Lyric. Even in areas that have no central station service or at a location that may not need active police dispatch, the Lyric can be monitored and remotely controlled over the internet with Total Connect 2.0.

The Honeywell Lyric Security System ships with a built in WIFI module. The Lyric also has a bay on the side of the unit where a Verizon, AT&T or Rogers cellular communicator can be installed. The Lyric is able to send all of its communication over only WIFI, only Cellular or a combination of both called “Dual Path”. In this configuration the Lyric will automatically switch to an active mode of communication in the event that the primary path goes down. The Lyric is able to use either form of communication to send all of its signals, Total Connect 2.0 notifications, and/or central station alarm signals.

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