Can I Connect A Wired Smoke To My 2GIG GC3?

No, hardwired smoke detectors cannot be connected to a 2GIG GC3 control panel.

The 2GIG GC3 comes equipped with 2 hardwired zones, terminal 6 for zone 1 and terminal 7 for zone 2. The hardwired zones are designed to support only hardwired door and window contacts.

In addition to hardwired smoke detectors, CO detectors,Motion detectors and Glass Break detectors cannot be connected to a 2GIG GC3 control panel.

If there are existing hardwired smoke detectors, users have the option to install an Encore Firefighter FF345. The FF345 is a wireless audio module that can be used to monitor existing hardwired or battery operated smoke detectors. The Encore Firefighter FF345 is not a smoke detector, and basically acts like an “ear” for the GC3, listening to the hardwired and or battery operated smoke detectors. The FF345’s microphone picks up the unique sound of an activated smoke detector and will then send a wireless signal to the 2GIG GC3 control plan. Please refer to the install manual for the Encore Firefighter FF345 for complete instructions and proper placement.

The 2GIG GC3 control panel does support wireless smoke detectors. The compatible wireless 2GIG smoke detectors are the 2GIG SMKT2-345 wireless smoke and heat detector, and the 2GIG SMKT3-345, wireless smoke, heat and freeze detector. Honeywell's 5809 wireless heat detector, the 5806W3 wireless smoke detector and the 5808W3 smoke and heat detector are also compatible.

The 2GIG GC3 control panel supports a total of 102 zones, 2 hardwired and 100 wireless zones, plus 32 dedicated keyfob zones.

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Can you elaborate on your comment that the smokes "ran their course"? Smokes should continue to sound an alarm until there is no more smoke in the chamber or until someone silences them with a button (assuming the smokes have that option which most should). Does your daughter know that they were in full alarm mode and not instead giving off a smoke detector trouble signal? Have you tried to test them since? If not, I would suggest doing that ASAP. When you test, you should be hearing the full fire alarm sound and you should have your alarm activate after two full cycles of the temporal pulse sound.
Thank you for the diagnostic trail. The smokes ran their course. My daughter (only one home at the time) did not know how to intervene. She called the Alarm company, thinking they would know what was going on, and they reported no visibility to any alam conditions. The FF354 is three inches from a ceiling mounted smoke detector. When the FF345 was installed, it tested positive by the intaller. Nothng since.
With those "non-test" events, how long were the smokes sounding before you finally got them to stop? How far is your FF345 from the smoke that it's next to? Have you ever had the FF345 sound an alarm at the panel when the interconnected smokes are sounding?
GC2 for sure. It was a real alarm event. Several non-test events happened one night. We never found the root cause triggering the interconnected dectors but the FireFighter never "heard" any of the events.
Does it look like this or this ? When the FF345 failed, were you testing it by pressing the button on the smoke detector or was it a real smoke alarm event? The FF345 needs to hear two full cycles of the temporal pulse sounding that a fire alarm makes to send an alarm to your system so depending on your testing and length of time that you let the smoke detector sound in alarm mode, the FF345 may not have truly "failed".
GC2, I believe. The FF345 fail twice failed to "hear" the alarm going off. I will be at the house in 10 days and will investigate but I find it bothersome that it has let me down twice.
Which 2Gig system do you have? The GC3 or the older GC2? Also, when you say the FF345 Encore device has been unreliable, what do you mean exactly?
I live in Massachusetts that requires interconneced 110v powered with battery backup fire alarms. I have a 2Gig alarm panel for the house and we installed the Encore Firefighter "ear". The challenge is that if the somke detectors go off, we have no way to know which one. Also, we have found the Encore unit to not be completely reliable. Isn't there a 110v, interconnected, batterback up wireless device that will talk to my home alarm panel?
While you may technically be able to wire up motions and glass breaks (with a proper auxiliary power supply for powering those devices), the GC3 install guide specifically says on page 27 "IMPORTANT: The GC3 Panel's hardwire loops are designed to support contact sensors such as magnetic reed switches or pressure pads. They are not designed for hardwire smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, motion detectors, or glass break detectors." and therefore we recommend only using door/window sensors on the hardwired zones for the GC3.
You can use hardwired motion and glassbreaks with the gc3 from the panel.

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