Can I Do Dual Path Monitoring on a Honeywell Home VISTA 21iPLTE?

Yes, you can do dual path monitoring on a Honeywell Home VISTA 21iPLTE. The system already has a built-in IP communicator. If you want to do dual path monitoring, then you must add a separate cellular communicator. A good cellular communicator to use is the Honeywell Home LTE-21V.

One of the best aspects of the Honeywell Home VISTA 21iPLTE is its ability to support special plug-in LTE cellular communicators. These plug-in modules are designed exclusively for use with the VISTA 21iPLTE System. There is the Honeywell Home LTE-21V (Verizon LTE) and the Honeywell Home LTE-21A (AT&T LTE). As of late September 2019, only the LTE-21V is available. But the LTE-21A is expected to be released sometime in the future.

The Honeywell Home VISTA 21iPLTE already includes a built-in IP communicator. This IP communicator allows it to use a hardwired ethernet connection for IP service. If you want to use the system with WIFI, then a compatible ethernet to WIFI converter is needed. Once you add one of the plug-in cellular modules to the VISTA 21iPLTE, the system will be dual path ready. This means that it will be able to connect with the AlarmNet360 Servers from Resideo using IP and cellular. Just remember that you will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular service to activate the cellular communicator. If you receive monitoring service from Alarm Grid, you will need a Gold or Platinum Level Plan (self or full).

When a VISTA 21iPLTE is configured for dual-path connectivity, the system will send out signals across the IP network. If internet is unavailable, then it will automatically switch over to its cellular backup. This helps ensure that the system remains monitored at all times. IP is usually a little bit faster than cellular, so it makes the best primary communication path. But cellular service is much more reliable than IP when configured properly, so it's always a good idea to have cellular backup.

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