Can I Download the Firmware for a GC2 Alarm System?

Yes, you can download the firmware for a GC2 Alarm System. The easiest option for updating is to have the user's alarm monitoring company push-down the update to the panel for a small fee. If a user wants to manually perform the update, they will need an updater cable or an updater tool.

2GIG Go!Control

Updating the GC2 firmware can be necessary for unlocking certain panel functions and features. Although the 2GIG GC2 has since been replaced by the 2GIG GC3, there are still firmware updates released occasionally. We recommend checking our 2GIG GC2 Firmware Page for more information about the latest system firmware. This page is also where you can download the necessary files for both the Easy Updater Tool and the Updater Cable. Make sure you download the appropriate file for the update.

Since an end user will most likely not have to update their 2GIG Go!Control firmware very often, it is often just preferable to have their alarm monitoring company push down the update automatically from The monitoring company will need to pay a small fee for this service. Alarm Grid passes this fee onto the customer at no additional up-charge. This is often the best option if you are actively monitored and want a one-time update. Please note that it may take quite some time for the update to go through.

If an end user wants to perform their own firmware updates, they must use additional hardware. Specifically, they will need either an Easy Updater Tool or an Updater Cable. The advantage to using an Updater Tool is that it can be brought to the panel to perform the update, and the panel will not need to be removed from its mounting location. However, you may need to update the Updater Tool before it can update the panel. Alarm Grid offers the following FAQs on how to update a GC2 using the Updater Tool:

Alarm Grid also allows users to rent the Easy Updater Tool and return it after they have updated their system. Alarm Grid monitored customers should contact or call us at (888) 818-7728 during our normal business hours of 9am to 8pm EST M-F for more information.

However, some users might just want to update using the Updater Cable. The Updater Cable is less expensive than the Easy Updater Tool, and a user can keep the cable on-hand if they ever need to perform another update in the future. However, the downside to the Updater Cable is that the user will need to bring the panel to their computer or laptop. If they only have a desktop computer, they will need to dismount the panel and physically bring it to their computer. They will need to bring the transformer with them, as the system must remain powered during the update.

Please note that you may need to use a Windows PC to update a GC2 System using an Updater Cable. The process may not work on Mac or other operating systems. More information about updating a GC2 System using an Updater Cable can be found in this helpful document.

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