Can I Install a Window Contact on a Honeywell Alarm?

Yes, you can install a window contact on a Honeywell alarm. Window contacts can be added to any type of Honeywell panel. In order to determine the best window contact for your security system, you should consider the model of the panel and the features and behavior required from the sensor.

The small and sleek Honeywell 5800MINI door and window sensor is generally an excellent addition to any type of Honeywell security panel. This window contact features a non-intrusive design that is both discreet and aesthetically pleasing, and its multi-colored LED light assists users with troubleshooting the device.

If the user requires a similar window contact that also doubles as a wireless transmitter, then the Honeywell 5816 door and window sensor makes for a great alternative. Any user who needs help with installing their Honeywell 5816 door and window sensor should consult this helpful article.

For owners of the Honeywell Lyric security controller, we recommend using the Honeywell SiXCT door and window contact. The SiXCT features a wireless range in excess of 300 feet, and it includes 128-bit AES encryption to ensure that the device is always kept extremely secure. Just like the 5816, the SiXCT can also be utilized as a wireless transmitter for normally closed hard-wired devices. For Lyric owners who want a window contact with a slightly more discreet design, the Honeywell SiXCT-MINI sensor is a fantastic selection.

For those who are installing window contacts in new construction, or in an area where there is access to run wire due to remodeling, there are many wired door and window contacts available. Wired contacts are very inexpensive, and they come in a large variety of sizes, with both surface mount and recessed mount options being available. Keep in mind that wired contacts are somewhat more difficult to work with and troubleshoot.

Generally speaking, users will want to install their window sensor within about half an inch of its contact magnet, though the installation instructions should be consulted for proper magnet spacing. This will help ensure that the window contact functions properly. It is also important to test the window contact after it has been installed.

The video provided below is very helpful in outlining the process for installing a window contact. Although the sensor that is featured in this video is the older Honeywell 5811 model, many of the same principles are still applicable when installing a newer Honeywell window contact.

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