Can I Use a Total Connect Camera w/o Total Connect?

Honeywell Alarmnet IP Cameras do not work without Total Connect. The cameras are designed to connect to your local WIFI network. Then they stream live video and record up to 10 second clips based on video analytics and motion. The live feed and video clips are stored on the Alarmnet server which can only be retrieved via your Total Connect account.

If you have a one step encryption (WPS) router then you should be able to pair the IP cameras directly to your WIFI network. In the event that your router does not meet these standards you can purchase the Honeywell WAP-PLUS which connects to your router with an ethernet patch cable.

Each camera has its own transformer which can be spliced and extended using solid gauge two conductor wire (18/2) since its a low voltage current from the transformer to the camera. The Honeywell IPCAM-WI2 fixed indoor camera is powered by the IPCAM-WIPS transformer. The Honeywell IPCAM-PT pan tilt indoor security camera uses the IPCAM-PTPS power supply. Lastly, the Honeywell IPCAM-WO fixed outdoor security camera uses the IPCAM-WOPS power supply. The IPCAM-WI2EXT is a 9 foot extension cable for the IPCAM-WI2 power supply. The IPCAM-WOEXT is a 9 foot extension cable for the IPCAM-WOPS.

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