Can I Use the August Smart Lock With a Z-Wave Controller?

No, you cannot use the August Smart Lock with a Z-Wave controller. The non-Pro model of the August Smart Lock does not offer Z-Wave. Only the August Smart Lock Pro offers Z-Wave. But you can use the August Connect WIFI Bridge for various server integrations with the non-Pro model.

When it comes to smart locks from August, only the Pro model has Z-Wave functionality. As such, only the Pro model can connect with a Z-Wave controller, such as a security system with built-in Z-Wave capabilities. The benefit to pairing your August Smart Lock Pro with a Z-Wave security system is that you will be able to use it with an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or This is provided that the system is monitored and set up with such a service. This is arguably the easiest way to integrate an August Smart Lock Pro with a security system, and it is ultimately what most users will elect to do.

But if you already have a standard, non-Pro August Smart Lock, then not all hope is lost. You can add an August Connect WIFI Bridge to enable WIFI communication for the device. This will allow you to complete a server-to-server integration with Total Connect 2.0. More information on this integration can be found in this helpful FAQ. However, this will not allow for any connectivity with The only way to integrate an August Smart Lock with is to use the Pro model and its Z-Wave functionality. Without Z-Wave, you cannot pair an August Lock with the platform.

Please note that there are some firmware requirements to keep in mind when pairing the Z-Wave August Smart Lock Pro with an Security System. These firmware requirements vary depending on the panel, so check with your monitoring provider to ensure that your system is compatible. Users of 2GIG Panels often run into issues here, since they are often running older firmware versions, and they can be more difficult to update. If you are monitored by Alarm Grid, you can email us at, and we will be happy to check and make sure that your Panel is compatible with the August Smart Lock Pro.

Additionally, both the Pro and non-Pro models of the August Smart Lock offer built-in Bluetooth connectivity, and they are both compatible with Apple HomeKit. If you are a frequent iOS user, then you can pair your August Lock with a HomeKit hub to use it with your HomeKit network. This is accomplished using Bluetooth, and you must keep the lock within Bluetooth range (about 10 to 15 feet) of the dedicated HomeKit hub at all times. For more information on using an August Lock with HomeKit, please see this FAQ.

Note: The information presented here is specifically regarding the Gen 3 non-Pro August Smart Lock. Generally speaking, non-Pro models of the August Smart Lock, regardless of generation, do not include Z-Wave functionality. If you want an August Smart Lock with Z-Wave capabilities, then it is best to get a Pro model. It is possible that August may someday release a non-Pro model with built-in Z-Wave. But as of June 2020, we have not seen a non-Pro August Smart Lock that can communicate across a Z-Wave network.

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