Can Multiple 6160 Keypads be Daisy Chained Together?

Yes, multiple Honeywell 6160 Alphanumeric Keypads can be daisy chained together. The linked keypads will all connect to shared terminals on a compatible hardwired alarm system using four-wire cable. The number of keypads supported will depend on panel type, as well as available power.

The 6160 keypad is a 2-line English alphanumeric alarm system keypad. It is compatible with all Honeywell VISTA systems. The device uses 40 milliamps of power in its standby mode. But it uses 150 milliamps of power while in alarm mode. When calculating current used, compared to available current, always calculate using the maximum current draw of the device.

It is relatively easy to calculate the total power needed to be supplied by the system. Simply add up the maximum power requirement (150mA) for each keypad that is being used plus the maximum current consumption for any other devices being powered by the panel such as wired motions, and glass break detectors. If this total power calculation is less than the total available power on the system output, the system will be able to support all of the keypads. If not, then an external auxiliary power supply will need to be added to the system.

On a Honeywell VISTA panel, the 6160 keypads interface with what is commonly referred to as the ECP bus. These are four terminals located on the main board of the VISTA Panel.

The terminal numbers and information for the Vista-15P, Vista-20P, and Vista-21iP are:

Terminal 4
Negative (-) DC Power (black wire)
Terminal 5
Positive (+) DC Power (red wire)
Terminal 6
Data In (green wire)
Terminal 7
Data Out (yellow wire)

The four terminals on the 6160 Keypad are labeled (G - + Y), and these correspond to the terminals on the panel they should connect to. Determine which keypad in the chain will connect to the alarm control panel. In order to daisy chain multiple keypads together, simply connect the four wire terminals on this keypad to the corresponding terminals on the next keypad in line.

Wire Run Chart For Devices* Drawing Aux Power From The Control (12V- & 12V+ Terminal 4 and 5)




50 mA or Less

#22 AWG

900 ft (274m) 450 ft (137m) 150 ft (46m) 90 ft (27m) 75 ft (23m)

#20 AWG

1400 ft (427m) 700 ft (213m) 240 ft (73m) 140 ft (43m) 120 ft (37m)

#18 AWG

1500 ft (457m) 1100 ft (335m) 350 ft (107m) 220 ft (67m) 170 ft (52m)

#16 AWG

1500 ft (457m) 1500 ft (457m) 550 ft (168m) 350 ft (107m) 270 ft (82m)

*Includes Keypads, RF Receivers, Zone Expander/Relay Units, and Communication Devices. When multiple devices are wired to a single run, the limits above must be divided by the number of devices on the run. Also, the total length of that wire run must not exceed the resulting calculation. For example, two 6160 keypads will draw up to 300mA of current. On #22 AWG wire, you can only run 75 feet (150 ft, divided by 2).

The length of all wire runs for both partitions combined must not exceed 1500 feet (457m) when unshielded quad conductor cable is used (750 feet if shielded cable is used).

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