Can my Safewatch Pro 3000 be programmed remotely?

The Safewatch Pro 3000 can be programmed remotely with a VISTA-20P PROM chip upgrade and an Alarmnet communicator. The Safewatch Pro 3000 is the ADT version of the Honeywell VISTA-20P. The PROM chip is a square black chip that is located on the green circuit board inside your alarm cabinet. The Alarmnet PROM chip upgrade install guide depicts the process in detail. By swapping the PROM chip it will bring the unit up to date with the latest revision which is currently 9.18. It will also essentially universalize your alarm panel. making it easy for any Honeywell dealer to program and monitor the system with a Central Station and/or offer the Total Connect 2.0 service. Total Connect 2.0 will allow you to arm and disarm remotely as well as setup text and email notifications based on troubles, alarms, low battery alerts, and AC loss.

As mentioned above you will need a Honeywell Alarmnet communicator. There are a few different ways to skin the cat when it comes to deciding on communicators. Here are the best solutions:

1. Honeywell 7847i IP communicator - This is a stand alone IP communicator that requires a wired connection to your internet router. There are wired to wireless bridge options as well (not as reliable). This is a great solution that offers the fastest speeds if you have reliable internet. However power loss to your router or modem, line cuts to the coax feed and IP conflicts will result in a communication failure. You will need a VISTA-20P PROM chip purchased separately.

2. Honeywell GSMV4G-TC2 kit (Cellular only) - This kit includes a GSMV4G cellular communicator and a PROM chip upgrade. Cellular communication will add an additional $10 monthly charge for the AT&T cellular data. The reliability of cellular communication is worth the added monthly. The peace of mind that cellular transmission offers is bar none.

3. iGSMV4G-TC2 kit (Internet as primary, Cellular as secondary) - This kit includes a Honeywell iGSMV4G dual path communicator and a PROM chip upgrade. This is by far the best value since you will have the best of both worlds with internet and cellular backup. The speed of the internet will make remote access on Total Connect very smooth. The reliability of the cellular path will prevent communication failures during power outages and line cuts to the internet feed.

If you sign up for a no contract monitoring plan, Alarm Grid offers free programming and tech support! As mentioned above if you go with option 2 or 3 you will be charged an additional $10/month for cellular data charges. Just check off the cellular communication box beneath the plan of your choice.

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Not a great idea, since your phone line might have trouble due to a downed tree or some technical issue far away from your home!
Thanks Sterling! I'll be installing a 6160 keypad to replace my clunky 6150 in a day or so. I'll take a closer look at how it's set up very soon.
Yes, the Phone Line Monitor Enable option is field *92 in programming. By enabling it, you can have the keypad sound an alert (and also have the siren go off if you choose) if the panel doesn't see the proper voltage on the incoming phone terminals.
I've heard there's a phone line cut monitor built in to these. Is there any set up for using this feature? Will an alarm sound if someone cuts the wire? Currently I am land line only.

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