Can Self-Installed Lyric Security System Be Monitored?

Yes, users can self install a Lyric alarm and be monitored by any alarm company that provides AlarmNet monitoring.

The Lyric Controller is a self contained alarm system and home automation controller. It has a 7 inch color graphic touchscreen with an integrated WIFI module, making it easy for the user to communicate to a central monitoring station.

Users also have the option to install a Lyric-3G GSM cell communicator (AT&T) or the Lyric CDMA (Verizon) communicator. Installing a cell communicator in addition to the WIFI communicator, provides a dual path for communication, which is the most secure option. The first path of communication will be WIFI. With WIFI only, if the internet connection goes down, or is lost for any reason, communication between the alarm system and AlarmNet servers would be lost. With dual communicators, the cell module will take over in the event of an internet outage, and continue to send alarm signals to AlarmNet servers.

The Lyric Controller supports up to 8 Honeywell IP cameras and users can view up to 4 at a time directly on the touchscreen. Video camera control does require the Lyric and the IPCAMs be connected to the same WIFI network.

The Lyric Controller also has an integrated Z-Wave module that supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices. This includes up to 6 thermostats and up to 6 door locks. Users can program up to 100 smart actions and up to 150 scheduled events. The Lyric Controller also supports the Garage Door feature using the Honeywell 5877 relay.

Users can control the Lyric Controller Security System, Home Automation and Video Surveillance from any computer, smartphone or iOS device with a Total Connect 2.0 account. Total Connect 2.0 can also notify users on any alarm signal or event via email and or text message.

The Lyric Controller has a built in camera that can take snapshots during a system disarm. With a Total Connect 2.0 account, the user can also perform a "Look In" by requesting the Lyric take a snapshot on demand. These snapshots can be uploaded to Total Connect 2.0 and sent to the user via email and or text message.

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You can configured text alerts under the setup (wrench icon) in the Events and Notifications module on the Total Connect 2.0 website:
Where is the setup for texts on alarm condition set?
Our self gold plan is specifically designed for cellular based self monitoring. It includes cellular data charges and our free tech support. Check out our no contract plans here:
Can I self monitor with cell communication or is the self monitoring ONLY with the WiFi?
Only the Honeywell AlarmNet IPCAMs listed at will work with the Lyric.
How does the ip cameras work with the lyric? Is it only a certain honeywell camera that will work with the lyric or does all honeywell ip cameras work?
No, there is currently no integration between Lyric and Alexa.
Can the security and lights control be controlled by alexa on the lyrics panel
No, the Lyric has a built-in WIFI module so all you need is the panel to activate the Silver plan with us. Feel free to sign up online at when you are ready.
Is an internet alarm communicator needed with the Lyric for your silver monitoring plan??

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