Can an L5100 work as z-wave controller w/o monitoring?

The L5100 Honeywell Lynx Touch wireless alarm system can operate as a z-wave controller without monitoring. The L5100-ZWAVE module must be installed into the panel in order to do any z-wave control. The controller supports up 3 Z-Wave thermostats, 4 Z-Wave door locks and 40 Z-Wave light modules. With these devices, you can program up to 20 Z-Wave scenes, 20 rules and 20 schedules directly into the L5100 automation programming. A rule can be set to tell any z-wave device to perform a specific action based on a security zone's status, system status (i.e. arming, disarming) and system condition (i.e. alarm event). A scene allows you to program simultaneous actions of several z-wave devices all at one. For example, you can set a scene for vacation mode that turns all the lights out, sets the thermostat to energy savings mode and locks all the zwave deadbolts. A schedule allows you to set specific times to execute scenes, rules, and automatically arm the system.

Total Connect 2.0 offers the ability to remotely control your z-wave devices from your smartphone, tablet or computer. For an additional $10 per month you can add the remote home automation feature to the Self Monitoring or Monitoring Plus no contract monitoring plans. This allows you to discretely control any enrolled zwave device and trigger scenes. You are able to create an additional 20 scenes in Total Connect since the ones from the panel do not carry over. This feature allows you to control and retrieve status on all your z-wave devices from anywhere in the world (with cellular or WIFI coverage)!

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