Can I use 7847i IP communicator w/ Honeywell VISTA-10P?

While the VISTA-10P does lack some features when compared to a VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P security system, it is still a more than capable alarm system for most applications. One important feature that it does have is the ability to add the 7847i internet alarm communicator, allowing you to communicate using Internet instead of a telephone line.

It is a very simple process to upgrade your VISTA-10P alarm control panel with an internet communicator. First, locate your alarm control panel. You alarm panel is housed in a beige metal can that is normally installed in your laundry room, garage or basement. Open the alarm cabinet and disconnect one of the leads going to the backup battery. Then, locate the AC transformer that is connected to the panel and supplying the panel with power. The AC transformer should be plugged into an outlet nearby the panel but there's a chance it has been wired out to a remote location.

With your VISTA-10P powered down, you are ready to connect the Honeywell 7847i communicator. Pop the cover off of the device and mount it to the wall near the panel. Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the port on the 7847i. Then, make a four wire connection between terminals 3-6 on the 7847i and terminals 4-7 on the VISTA-10P control panel. You should have a red wire between terminal 3 on the communicator to terminal 5 on the panel. Connect a black wire from terminal 4 on the communicator to terminal 4 on the panel. Connect a yellow wire between terminal 5 on the 7847i and terminal 7 on the VISTA-10P. Finally, connect a green wire between terminal 6 on the communicator and terminal 6 on the control panel. Once the connections are tight and secure, reconnect the backup battery and plug in your system's AC transformer. The 7847i should power up along with the alarm control panel. Put the cover back on the 7847i to complete your installation.

Once you have upgraded your VISTA-10P with an AlarmNet internet alarm monitoring communicator, you are ready to sign-up for one of our no-contract alarm monitoring plans.

Although the Vista-10P supports reporting alarm signals through AlarmNet, it does not support Total Connect 2.0, Remote Interactive Services. If you are interested in the ability to check alarm status, arm, disarm, and bypass zones remotely through an app, you should upgrade to one of the other Vista panels, such as the Vista-15P, Vista-20P, or Vista-21iP. The Vista-21iP has the added benefit of having an Internet communicator built-in. If you're thinking of buying a 7847i, and you want to take advantage of the ability to control your system remotely, you should consider purchasing the Vista-21iP instead. This will give you the needed panel upgrade, as well as the internet communicator, all-in-one. Any devices you have currently working with a Vista-10P, will work with the Vista-21iP.

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