Can I Use A Honeywell L5200 System Without Monitoring?

Yes, absolutely, you can use the Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch wireless system without being monitored by a central station. A central station is a company that provides trained employees to monitor alarm systems. When an alarm signal is received they will contact authorized people listed on the emergency contact list on the account first to see if everything is okay and dispatch the appropriate authorities (police, fire & medical) when necessary.

You can chose to have your system “local” only. When your system is “local” in the event of an alarm, signals are only sent to the panel which triggers the system’s internal 95db siren to sound and ward off any intruders. If your city ordinance allows (check with them first), you can chose to install an exterior siren to your L5200. Most exterior sirens are wired so you would also need a Lynx-EXT kit to convert a wired siren to wireless.

Alarm Grid offers customers a “Self Monitoring” plan. The no contract Self Monitoring plan enables customers to have Total Connect 2.0 without being connected to a monitoring (central) station. Check out our FAQ: How does a LYNX L5200 communicate with Total Connect? As mentioned in the FAQ you will need an IP and/or GSM communicator. Having Total Connect 2.0 enables you to receive emails and text notifications based on events such as AC loss, low batteries and most importantly alarms. You also have the ability to control your alarm system from any computer, tablet or smartphone. If you choose to install the L5100-ZWAVE module you can also control supported Z-Wave devices you may have such as lights, door locks, thermostat and your garage door.

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Hi Sam, If you're meaning can you use it without having a central station monitoring you as well, then yes you don't need central station to use TC2. If you're asking do you need to pay monitoring costs to use TC2 then you'll need some type of monitoring plan to use the app. The app is going through a secure server which dealers will charge for access to.
Can I use total connect without any monitoring?
Thank you very Frank. Will give it a try when I get home today.
Hi Sean, You want to go into the communicator settings and disable the communications for now. Security > More > Tools > Installer code > Program > Communicator > Comm path > Set it to none > Save and exit to the home screen. You should no longer see the comm fails...
Hello Sterling, How do I set my L5210 to system "local"? My system has cellular module installed but not registered. I want to use my system as local only. Now, every time the system tripped it showed 103 comm. trouble.
Yes, our Self Gold plan is a cellular based self monitoring option. What system do you have?
Do you offer a self monitoring cell plan by chance? Since WiFi can easily be crashed by cutting the cable to the cable / phone service.
You do NOT need to have your L7000 professionally installed in order to sign up for TC 2.0. We offer Total Connect via WIFI for $10 per month with no contract, activation fees and free tech support! We can assist you over the phone with any questions during the installation. We offer DIY videos on our youtube channel that should be helpful:
I am trying to make an informed decision about alarm installation and then monitoring. There is so many things to research in order to make a correct decision. Does your company do installation of the L7000 including the Wifi module and the Z Wave Controller? I understand in order to access TC 2.0 you must have your L7000 professionally installed. Is that correct?
Happy to help! Look forward to hearing from you.
Sterling: Aha - One of several dumb things I have done. Its working well now on Lynx Connect. Thanks for your great videos and responses. I will definitely look at your services once I get my install stable. You folks seem to know what you are doing.Thanks!
The LYNX Connect app is the one you can use while you are on the same network as your system without a monthly fee. If you want to use the Total Connect 2.0 app, you need to sign up for service with a company like us. We offer a $10/month Self Monitoring plan at that would provide you with access to the TC2.0 app. I hope this is helpful but let us know if you have any other questions.
I have an L5200 with wifi connected to my own router. I have TC 2.0 loaded on my smartphone. I want to use the smartphone as a second keypad. I was led to believe that within my own wifi router's home network I could control the L5200. BUT TC 2.0 wants a password and login. That is different from what shows on the Honeywell video, How do I set up the App? I have not made a monitoring decision yet. Thanks,

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