How does a LYNX L5200 communicate with Total Connect?

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 can communicate two ways with Alarmnet's Total Connect 2.0 interactive self-monitoring service. You can send signals via the internet using the L5100-WIFI module or the ILP5 wired ethernet module. The other option is a GSMVLP5-4G cellular communicator that used the AT&T 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks to transmit signals to Total Connect. You can also utilize a dual path solution using the L5100-WIFI and the GSMVLP5-4G. In a dual path setup, the WIFI would be set as the primary path with cellular back up as the secondary. The ILP5 ethernet adapter can NOT be used with the GSM unit since they share the same port on the L5200 panel. 

The internet communicators are faster by the given nature of internet speeds vs. cellular. This speed will make remote access and arming much smoother and fluid. However relying on an internet connection can be risky with all of the factors that can cause an IP connection failure. For example, a power outage could shut down your modem or router unless the units are on battery backup. Also the coaxial feed to the modem can be severed by an intruder. For these reasons and many more, it is always a good idea to configure a cellular communication path as backup. Ideally, all systems should utilize a dual path communication configuration. This solution offers the most peace of mind that the security system will effectively communicate signals to a Central Station and/or Total Connect. 

We offer some great dual path wireless security system kits as well as Internet and Cellular kits. We also offer no contract monitoring services that include Total Connect and our partnered Central Station, Criticom Monitoring Services. If you would like to simply self monitor your alarm system using Total Connect we offer it for $10 per month (IP only) and $20 per month (GSM only or Dual Path). We also offer a Monitoring Plus+ plan which combines Total Connect with Central Station monitoring for only $20 per month (IP only) and $30 per month (GSM only or Dual Path). 

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Yes, the panel would cause a trouble beep 1 minute after it sees that there's no longer an active internet connection. I would suggest leaving it default.
so if i made it 1 minute, if someone cut my internet line I would know 1 minute from when the wifi went down, correct? Would it make sense to go longer than 60 minutes
Most people do leave the IP fault time set to the default option 60 minutes but you can certainly change it. The time you choose will be the time delay, after an IP outage, before the system will alert you with a trouble alert that there is no IP connection.
the Lynx 5200 has the IP fault time defaulted at 60. Should it be any higher or lower?
The IP communication path would be used if you have the panel equipped with the L5100-WIFI module or the ILP5 Ethernet module. The system would communicate through one of those modules to your home/business internet network for communications with Honeywell for Total Connect 2.0 service and/or central station monitoring service.
Can you tell me what the IP communication path is exactly?

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