Can I use a Honeywell L7000 system without monitoring?

You can use any alarm system without monitoring. The L7000 LYNX Touch does not break this general rule. The L7000 is designed to use the L5100-WIFI internet module and/or the 4GL cellular communicator to transmit signals for self monitoring and/or central station monitoring. However you can setup the L7000 as a local noisemaker as well. In some cases, this is all you may need to protect your home or business. The system is built with a 95dB siren and serves to scramble any train of thought for an intruder. The most common factors that deter end users from monitoring their alarm systems is monthly cost, alarm permitting and potential false alarms.

We offer a solution to both issues with our self monitoring service. For only $10 per month (no contract via WIFI), you can get the Total Connect 2.0 service which is a robust, interactive service which allows you to customize text and/or email alerts as well as remote access to arm/disarm and bypass zones. You can view faults on sensors even when the system is disarmed. You can also setup alerts for specific zones when they are opened, closed and/or left open for more than 5 minutes. Most importantly, self monitoring gives you a way to keep tabs on the secured premise without having to deal with alarm permitting and false alarms like you would with central station plans.

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There are plenty of instances where sensors will need to be changed, added, or removed. We deal with plenty of customers who have systems that were previously installed by another company yet they still reach out for assistance for issues they are having with the system and will ask us if they are able to swap the panel to us so they don't have to deal with their old company anymore. Being in a contract with a company who charges for service and does not provide the level of service many people are looking for is a main reason we see a lot of customers shy away from contracts and move to a DIY, no contract, company like us. Of course not everyone wants to own their equipment and not everyone wants to not be tied to a contract. For these customers we can point them to our FAQs for any tech advice and let them know we are hear if they are interested in getting our services in the future.
If the alarm is properly set up initially which it would be if a company came to set it up i highly doubt you would need any changes or updates so i would void that comment. Plus if you are getting an alarm im pretty sure you intend on keeping said alarm so realy a contract shouldn't scare you. So really i don't see any benefit in owning the equipment over having a contract. To me diy means everything including install and monitoring. However its hard to monitor with no allerts.
If you are receiving "free" equipment from a company while only paying monthly fees a few things about that company will likely be different from how we opperate: 1) Likely the equipment is locked out for local programming, meaning any changes or updates you want to make will require the company to service the panel (Likely with service charges attached). Owning the equipment yourself is a plus because you are the master user and the installer, so any changes that need to be made you have full access to do so. 2) A contract is likely involved, this is almost always the case since companies usually wont give out equipment unless they have a guarantee the customer will not leave with the equipment. Likely the equipment will be specific to the company that it's associated with. Meaning if you ever change companies, likelihood is that they will require you to return the equipment, causing more time on your end to find and setup another system. Owning the equipment gets rid of this headache, as your system is yours. If you go with a company like our you are not tied into any contracts. So if you changes companies you wouldn't have to change the equipment unless it's outdated and you wouldn't have to wait a period of time before being able to cancel.
Yes i did buy this system thinking it would send me alerts for free. Just like i bought a Honeywell wifi thermostat i thought i could use, abroad for free wich i can. Why would i pay $500 for this system and have monthly payments if i could just go to any local alarm company for free equipment and have a monthly fee.
RIght. If I am at my home I can self monitor. That seems redundant. And Total Connect is crippled unless I have a 3rd party involved. So, Aside from when I am in the property monitored, self monitoring is not possible without a third party, which is not self monitoring.
If you're interested in knowing what is happening panel wise when you're not on site, that's where Total Connect comes into play. If you only want to have the system be a noise maker, then you wont need to have Total Connect.
No. Self monitoring means no 3rd party. Just me ..."self"
You could use the L5100-WIFI module ( ) and/or the cellular communicators. There is a 3GL AT&T option ( ) and a CDMA-L57 Verizon option ( ). If you choose to go with the WIFI module only, the monthly monitoring options would be less expensive but you'd be offline for those service anytime your internet is offline or unavailable. Having the cellular module installed will ensure that whatever monitoring plan you choose, the service will continue to work even if the internet is unavailable. If you want Z-Wave control, you'll also need the L5100-ZWAVE module ( ).
I want to buy a lynx 7000 what type communicator should i use. please specify the model number
The L7000 uses the L5100-ZWAVE module to integrate Z-wave devices: The Honeywell Tuxedo Touch is designed for wired VISTA series security panels, not the Lynx Touch series. After you install the L5100-ZWAVE card by sliding into the port inside the L7000 you should be able to pair devices directly to the panel. Feel free to email with any questions after you install the proper module.
Hello. I have the Honeywell L7000 installed with all the doors and windows tagged. I have a Schlade Z-wave front door lock installed along with the honeywell z-wave thermostat. I would like to add the Tuxedo touch wifi that I purchased to the system to allow me to use the system without having to pay a monthly service for mobile monitoring. Would you be able to point me into the right direction?
Yes you can control each of these panels from the Total Connect 2.0 app. We offer self monitoring plans with this service and full central station plans that include it as well. You can check out the plans here: You will need to have a WIFI ( ) and/or cellular communicator ( ).
hello, I want to know if using a L5100 or L700 in my house, I could Control the system from any other place.
None of the panels have that Europe time zone available in the Date/Time setting to show up on the actual panel screen but with the interactive services (Total Connect 2.0 for LYNX Touch or Lyric or for GC3), you would be able to get alerts from the panel. with the proper time zone showing.
Hi, I am also located in Europe and happened to come across this question. I am considering the L7000, the Lyric or the 2gig GC3. Does either of the last 2 support the CET time zone or an arbitrary time setting? NTP would of course be the ideal :)
Unfortunately, that won't be an option on the actual panel. If you get a standalone Total Connect 2.0 service (one of the four bottom plans at ), you can get text/email alerts with the proper time stamp when the system has an alarm event though.
Hi I've purchased a 7000 and using it in the UK. I have a problem with time zones ( UK not listed ) unable to set correct time. Any help please.
Yes, the Self Bronze plan is compatible with an L7000 system with an ILP5 or L5100-WIFI module installed any place in the world that has internet service. Feel free to sign up online at and once you supply us with the MAC/CRC of your panel's communicator, we can get you activated for Total Connect 2.0 so you can remotely control your system and receive alerts on alarm activity.
Hello AlarmGrid, I am looking to install a Honeywell L7000 system in a vacation home in Panama, can I sign up for your self monitor Bronze plan in that location? the system will have a WIFI connection .
yes, i edited it for clarity. thank you for responding.
Well your question originally read "Can I use a Honeywell L7000 system without monitoring fees?" which this FAQ answers. I see you've since edited the question so if you are looking to get email or text alerts from an L7000, you'll need to subscribe to Total Connect 2.0 service through a company offering AlarmNet service. Most companies only offer TC2 in addition to central station monitoring while we offer it as a standalone service with no contract or activation fee required with our Self Bronze plan. We don't offer any systems or solutions that would send you text/email alerts for free.
i did read above, and it says self monitoring costs $10/month. My question asks for 0$ in fees to get email or sms notification.
Yes, did you read the answer to your question above?
Can I use a Honeywell L7000 system without monitoring fees and still get notified by email or sms? If not then I need a new system that has this option.
We do offer central station and/or Total Connect 2.0 services in Canada. You can sign up online at The top 4 plans include central station service and the bottom 4 are the TC2 standalone plans.
Hi, I live in Québec, Canada and would like some info on activating TC services - do you just offer the self-monitoring option for the purpose of TC or is there a monitoring service available to emergency services here in Canada?
No, the Tuxedo only works with wired Honeywell systems. If you have a LYNX Touch, you'll need to activate through an alarm company like us if you want the Total Connect 2.0 access for remote arm/disarm and text/email alerts from the system. If you are using the L5100-WIFI module, our Self Bronze plan is only $10/month with no contract required at
Hi Sterling, I too bought a Lynx 7000 with the assumption that it can at least send an email or a text through the wifi module without having to pay a monthly fee. I have a wifi Samsung camera that does this and can even do remote monitoring without a monthly fee. Are you suggesting that I can add a Tuxedo touch to the Lynx 7000 to send emails or does the tuxedo touch needs to be installed independent of the Lynx 7000? Thank you
We can also remotely activate you if you email requesting that.
The appointment you sign up for is for a phone conversation, not a site visit.
Hi, thanks for your response, one more question. I tried to sign up, but now I have to schedule a visit, but as I told you, this system is installed outside of US. Can I complete de sign up anyway?
Yes, we do offer our Self Monitoring plans outside of the US. Feel free to sign up online at
Hi, Is possible, to contract the service from outside US?, I undestand that the UL service will not be possible, but it would be usefull for me, if I can access via phone to my security system.
You can add a Tuxedo Touch or VAM to your system and both of those units are web servers that can be accessed remotely (with proper network/port forwarding setup) for remote system control. I think you'll find if you try one of the eBay systems, that the Honeywell equipment really is worth the added cost. The reality is that security equipment can be more complicated than you'd think to setup and that is why it's historically only been offered through dealers so that the manufacturer's know the systems are being installed properly. Nowadays it's possible to buy professional systems online but Honeywell never designed the system for an end user. We try to help educate those people so they understand the limitations and the benefits of going with a professional system as opposed to a more cobbled together DIY system.
I appreciate your response but still Honeywell should allow customer to use and do self monitor. I have a wired system but not monitored. why would I have to spend additional money on equipment when I have to pay for services. I am paying upfront fee to Honeywell on their equipment so I want my freedom to unlock their system. Honeywell is not giving me any subsidy on their equipment. I understand their equipment is attractive and looks good feature wise but we are already paying premium to buy it. I need my freedom to self monitor. I have a garage door opener from Chamberline and I can open or close from anywhere now if Chamberline has to charge me monthly fee there is no point buying that product. I understand you can't do anything as Honeywell set that up but they can't survive for long by locking of system. This system is attractive as it looks rich at entry door but to force consumer to use their service is still considered a ripoff. Z wave can be replaced by veralite and 3g alarm system can be replaced by any cheap system from ebay.
Hey V P, there are plenty of systems that can be purchased that will give you what you are looking for. They aren't as nice as Honeywell, and they won't give you a verified response. But they are DIY from beginning to end. We don't sell them because we don't advocate complete self-monitoring as a good solution to the problem of securing your family and belongings. If we told you that the LYNX Touches could be used effectively as more than a local sound-making device that would be extremely dishonest. We don't do that, because it's not true. The DIY part of our system is the service part. We help you service and install your system without an installer. If what you want is complete, independent control with no need for service, then our systems are not a good fit for you. If you want a robust primary Z-Wave controller and not a security system, our systems are not for you. If your primary desire is to have the best security system on the market that works with a central station then these systems are what you need. The difference between us and an ADT is very simple: no contracts, great access to competent and free tech support, honest and up front pricing, no gimmicks like surprise activation fees, and best of all, no installers. If something goes wrong with your system, we will help you get it up and running for free. If that's not what you're looking for, we respect that. But I think that we're very clear about what our product does and does not do.
It is useless as the whole idea to have DIY is to monitor everything without paying for service. If I have to pay for the service tell me the difference between ADT and anyother alarm company than this total crap other than you are without contract. It's like paying for a laptop but can't do anything without Dell or Apple. This is Honeywell Total Scam instead of Total connect.
Did you try disarming with 1234? 1234 is the default Master Code and 4112 is the default installer code.
I just brought the Honeywell Lynx 7000 alarm system, the alarm went in to trouble mode after plugging it the wall outlet. I replaced the battery and I am now locked out the system. I can not enter the pin number into the key pad. Nothing works. What is wrong with this 7000 system?
Can you explain why you think it's useless? Did you buy the system thinking it would send you alerts for free?
That makes this alarm useless for me and I believe many others.
Hi Joe, The Total Connect service requires you to sign up through an AlarmNet dealer. Most companies only offer Total Connect in addition to regular central station service. Our Self Monitoring plan ( ) however, is a standalone Total Connect plan. Without Total Connect, the system will not send out alerts through the WIFI or GSM communicators.
Also if I am connected from my phone on my home network with a VPN will I be able to use the totalconnect application alway whout subscription?
Is it possible to have the Lynx 7000 with wifi and GSM without any subscription and have the option to receive SMS allerts from it?

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