Can I use a Honeywell LYNX alarm system w/o monitoring?

Yes, you can use your Honeywell LYNX alarm system without a monitoring provider, however you will be missing out on many valuable features that your security system can provide. Without monitoring, your LYNX Plus or LYNX Touch alarm system will only be a local system, meaning if the alarm is activated, the siren will go off, but there will be no remote response. Only those who are in earshot of the siren will know that the system has been activated. You will be relying on neighbors or passers-by to notice the alarm and call the proper authorities. Without monitoring, you will also be missing out on an opportunity to get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium. With monitoring service, you can get the security of knowing that a representative from Alarm Grid’s central station is on call for you, 24 hours a day, in case of an emergency. Additionally, once your LYNX alarm system has monitoring, you have the option to get AlarmNet's Total Connect interactive service through an internet alarm monitoring communicator or cellular communicator. Total Connect will allow you to remotely control your LYNX alarm system by pulling up a virtual keypad on your computer or smart phone. You can also set up text and email notifications that will allow you to monitor your system on the go. Designing and installing a wireless security system to be as comprehensive as possible is important, but don’t forget that the most important thing you can buy is the alarm monitoring service itself.

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Hi Corey, You can use Lynx Connect app as well as Total Connect 2.0 app with your monitoring company.
Hi I use the LYNX CONNECT on Android. I don't know, but there is probably an iPhone version too. You need to register it to your L5100 same as an external panel I guess, so it is authorized on the system. You also have to setup a VPN to your home network, that you can connect to when you are not home, and Once connected to VPN, you can launch the LYNX CONNECT app, and it should connect. I sometimes have issues with connection even from home. On occasion, it keeps trying to connect without success, but 90% of the time, its fine. As it was pointed out by Sterling Donnelly this is not supported and may be unreliable. I dont actually know if you can monitor your home in this way. I only use it for the Z-Wave automation control for my LYNX Alarm system. Cheers, and good luck.
Hi! What app are you using on your phone for accessing the system locally/remotely? I have a L5100 with the Wifi module, but I've not been able to determine what apps I can use to connect to it. Thanks in advance!
Hi Josie, You will need to get into programming and disable the *29 field. To enter programming you will enter your installer code(default 4112) +800. If you're not sure of your installer code take a look here: This FAQ explains the BF error on your keypad:
I have the Honeywell FA168CPS and have discontinued monitoring. We still want to use it but I am getting a bf code and beeping. Security Co. wants to charge $95 plus to come out and set to local mode. Can to you tell me how to do this?
Hi Greg, I suggest upgrading to the Lyric, since it also has WiFi and Z-Wave built-in.
Hi Ciara, since I have a ademco lynx plus with a telephone line connection to use the self bronze do I require an internet connection thus meaning I need to upgrade to at least the LYNX L5210 with WIFI/IP module? Please advise. Thanks!
The Self Bronze plan has Total Connect 2.0 which you can remotely arm/disarm your system . You cannot reset the system via the app but you can view sensor information and etc.
Hi Ciara - Thanks for the info. I tested and my android phone is not putting out DTMF tones correctly. I used an app that generates DTMF through a speaker and the alarm picks up without any issue. I appreciate your knowledge and support. If I don't find a dialer for android that works what options do you provide for $10 for self-monitoring. Would I be able to get into my system to reset it when on vacation and check on its status? Thanks for any info!
First, it may make a difference what type of phone line the panel is connected to, is this a VoIP line, or a traditional POTS line? Also, when you are dialing into the panel, are you doing so from a cell phone, or from a landline? If you’ve tried from a cell phone in the past, can you try from a landline? The panel is looking to recognize the DTMF tones for each digit of a valid code. If what you’re entering is a valid code, then either the way it’s being sent or the way it’s being received is not allowing the panel to recognize it as such.
No ATT used the LRR with Alarmnet. I have been off ATT for 4 months and I have set the alarm off numerous times and it dials out and give me voice info of what triggered like Kitchen window with no issue. Now I enabled Telco answering (*92 set to 2) and (*93 set to 3 rings) and the line picks up and message "Enter SYstem Code" prompts properly. It just wont respond when I enter my 4 digit user code in the 8 seconds and goes to modem connect thinking there is a PC waiting.
Ah, okay, and was the system being monitored by ADT using the same phone connection/phone line that you have connected now? If so, when was the last time you set off an alarm that they actually called you on to be sure the signal got through to them?
Hi Ciara, No I am not currently a customer as I am self monitoring after disconnecting with ADT. So I disabled the LRR so no communications other than telco. Thanks in advance for any info.
Hi Greg, As Disqus hides the email of a poster to us, I'm not sure if you're one of our customers or not. Are you currently monitored by Alarm Grid?
I have a Lynx Ademco Plus setup for home monitoring with Telco dial out and am trying to use the Remote Control Feature. When I dial into the unit is properly responds "System Enter Code". I enter my user code and it does not recognize after multiple entries within the 8 seconds and then tries modem connect. Any ideas what is wrong?
Hi Kaitlyn, Yes, the beeping is because the system is not monitored. If you enter installer mode "Installer Code + 800 and the default IC is 4112", you should be able to press * 55 and then 0 and then * 99 to turn off the long range radio reporting settings so that it doesn't present that error. We do have Self monitoring plans here at Give us a call at 888-818-7728 or signup and someone will follow up with you.
I just purchased a new home and it has a LYNXR-2 series Honeywell alarm system. I haven’t moved into the home yet as we’re doing some renovations first. But we have noticed the alarm beeping and it said FC (comm failure). I assume I’m getting this error because the alarm system isn’t being monitored. Is there a way to make this error to go away? Can the system be self monitored?
I just purchased a new home and it has a LYNXR-2 series Honeywell alarm system. I haven’t moved into the home yet as we’re doing some renovations first. But we have noticed the alarm beeping and it said FC (comm failure). I assume I’m getting this error because the alarm system isn’t being monitored. Is there a way to make this error to go away? Can the system be self monitored?
While this is possible with the right IT setup, we caution anyone that's not an IT expert against setting this type of "monitoring" up as it has potential to open holes in your home internet network. Running the service through Honeywell's encrypted AlarmNet servers is much more secure and much easier to setup, although does carry a monthly fee. Also, while this setup would allow you to remotely control the system it won't send you any alerts when the system has an event which is what Total Connect 2.0 and/or central station monitoring would do.
Im not sure if anyone is still looking at this message, but here is what i was able to do. In another IM Sterling explained how to turn off the alert regarding not being monitored (Communication error 103). This will disable the annoying system display. (You want to go into the communicator settings and disable the communications for now. Security > More > Tools > Installer code > Program > Communicator > Comm path > Set it to none > Save and exit to the home screen.) In addition i setup a VPN (connect from my mobile to my home network) to my home router from my mobile, and i can monitor my home from anywhere. I use DDNS to allays find my own home router as my IP changes a lot.
Feel free to call us! 888-818-7728. We can help get the system online and running again.
I just moved into a house that has Honeywell ADEMCO LYNXR alarm system, it is disconnected, and the previous owners have moved out of state, who do I call to get this system activated?
We aren't able to provide programming and tech support to non monitored customers, but we do have lots of free FAQs on the website and videos that show how to do many different actions on many different systems. We may have your system's user guide available too, if not send us an email to and we can email you a copy.
Can you help me with using my Honeywell Lynx system in the local mode? I am aware that this means it is not being monitored.
HI Jimmy, we actually have a really good FAQ on how to get rid of the FC Comm fail. Use the steps on this page to help you solve that issue: As for the Code Key. What page did you see it on?
I use a Honeywell LYNX alarm system 3000 system as far as I can tell from my panel and pictures I have seen I changed the installer code but how do I get the FC COMM FAIL to go away for now. In the future I do plan to get monitoring but for now I just need to get rid of the FC COMM FAIL . Also as I was going thru the manual I saw something about a CODE KEY what is it and is it something I need for programming ?
The L7000 can be monitored on wifi only, you'll need to install a L5100-WIFI card into the panel. You can check out our IP only plans here:
Can the L7000 be used for monitoring over WiFi only or does it need to have the gsm module? I Believe I saw with a provider, not sure if it was you all where it indicated monitoring could be setup with the wifi, is this correct?
We're glad to hear you were able to get the programming set right to clear your FC errors. If you do ever decide to re-active alarm monitoring service, we do offer low-cost, no-contract plans online at Let us know if you are interested.
I was able to reset the installation code, and that seemed to get the system working again. I also went in and cleared these fields: 41 (primary tel num), 42 (second tel num), 43 (primary account#), 44 *secondary account#), 46 (follow me phone#). Did not clear 47 (phone sys select). Hopefully this will avoid future FC Comm fails. What a tremendous help you folks are! THANK YOU!
Check out this FAQ: and this one: There's a link to the programming guide in that last FAQ. to avoid FC in the future, you'll need to remove programming that causes the panel to try and communicate, such as the Phone number fields, and the account number fields. To clear a field, press * + Field Number + *, so to clear the primary phone # field, press *41* AFTER you enter programming.
Unfortunately I was not able to get the code to work in order to enter programming. If I unplug the panel and also disconnect the battery pack inside the panel, would this reboot it? I'm interested in reconfiguring things so that the FC Fail stops occurring. Not planning on doing monitoring at this time. After having the panel open for a couple minutes (looking to see if the installation code was hopefully listed inside the panel) I got another FC Comm Fail.
The FC is coming up because the Lynx Plus attempted to communicate something to a monitoring station, and failed to do so (because there is no phone line). I would enter the digits it shows you for "Enter programming". If that is the correct sequence, you'll see Installer Code 20 on the display. If you do, press *99 to exit programming. This will act sort of like a reboot, and may get the voice and other aspects of the system back to normal. Unless you go in and re-configure some things, though, the FC will, no doubt, eventually come back. Are you interested in monitoring at all?
All I did to reset was my 4-digit code and OFF. Then when I reset the alarm (STAY) the FC Comm Fail was no longer there, and haven't seen it since (about 3 days ago). But the alarm doesn't sound now and I get weird cut-off voice announcements whenever I push buttons. It looks like the local ADT did the install. There is a printout from them with a list of several codes. None are labeled "installer code" but the first code listed is labeled "Enter programming." It is 4-digit plus 3-digit. The next code is labeled "Change installer code" and it is a 2-digit plus a 4-digit (leading me to think the first code listed is probably the installer code). Did not try rebooting. Not sure what the process is to do that. I assume rebooting does not erase all the previous programming? SO GLAD you responded. THANK YOU! Any help is greatly appreciated.
What did you do to clear the FC failure to communicate error? Have you tried rebooting the system? Do you know the system's installer code?
I have a Honeywell Lynx Plus system inherited from a previous homeowner. We did not use the previous owners' monitoring service, but have just used it as a local alarm for a couple years. We also recently disconnected our landline service, since we don't use it. The Honeywell continued to work fine for several weeks. Then one night we got an FC Comm Fail. I was able to clear it, and haven't got another FC Comm Fail, but the system is now haywire. It does not alarm when alarm is set and a door is opened. Just a single beep. Also, whenever I set the alarm (or do any button pushing) there is clipped (partial/cut-off) voice (I had muted the voice at some point long ago). Are there codes I can enter to get the alarm working again just as a local alarm?
Are you familiar with Monitronics panels Corey? Usually the telephone line monitor option is field 92 on VISTA panels. However, that would not cause the FC error as that's a failure to communicate which is different than the panel not seeing proper voltage on the phone terminals.
Try turning off the phone line moniter option its like inthe 70's i think
Due to the liability involved with security, alarm manufacturers don't have any interest in selling or supporting non-professional systems.
Thats a BS response, I am sorry that this so called "professional system" can not do a basic task. Instead Honeywell and its crony business partners want to hide it behind a pay wall to milk this cash cow for every dollar. To reiterate my point authorized dealers are an unnecessary middle man put in place for no other reason than to cost a user who does not need outside monitoring by most likely offshore labor.
You may be better off with a different third party retail system instead of a professional brand security system like the LYNX Touch if you feel that way.
This is highway robbery. I just want to direct connect to my home system why should "servers" cost me anything I already pay for internet access at my home and a I have a cellphone plan. there is no reason for me to go through this total connect crap its unnecessary just a way to bilk people for money
Honeywell systems are not intended to be sold direct to the end user. They are meant to be sold through a Honeywell dealer (like us) so that you wouldn't ever buy a system not knowing the available features and possible limitations. If you were sold a LYNX Touch by someone that indicated you could get alerts and control it remotely without monthly fees, you should contact your seller for a return authorization as they lied to you. It's certainly not extortion, it's just that Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service has a cost to the dealer which covers the cost to maintain the servers and continue to build out the Total Connect 2.0 features and functionality. Therefore, you need to subscribe and pay a monthly cost to the Honeywell dealer of your choosing. We offer inexpensive, no-contract plans ourselves if you are interested in activating your system with us.
that's bull crap the system has been intentionally hobbled so to extort money from you how is that legal
Thank you for your time and help here, I'll look into those units.
Ah, I didn't realize it was a Monitronics branded panel. That would have been a good thing to mention up front. They have special panels with certain features restricted when using the default installer code (such as the acct number and central station receiver number) so you would need to access programming with the special Monitronics dealer code to clear out the programming that is telling the panel to try and send a signal to their central station. I recommend you upgrade to a new LYNX Touch panel (L5210 or L7000) as you will have a much easier user experience with one of those touch screen, non-proprietary units.
Sterling. No luck yet, received the beep and FC again today. Other thoughts on fields to clear? I tried to do some reading today, and would there be another IC code that's associated with monitronics, instead of 4112? For reference, the 1234 code does not work: 1234 + 800.
Roger that, will report back tomorrow. Thanks again...
Try entering IC + 800 and then * 42 * and then *99.
Sterling, the FC error started beeping again around 1pm today. Entering (4112 + Off) stopped the beeping, however, the FC code still appears on the display. Other thoughts or additional fields to clear? Thank you.
Yes, please do report back.
Thank you Sterling. So that I'm clear, I'm entering the following sequence: 4112 + 800 + *41* + *43* + *99 I'll reply back tomorrow with the results, have a good night.
Well the *41 fields are not within the *56 menu. If you simply enter programming and hit *41* and then *43* and then *99, you should not have the FC come back up.
The FC error goes away after exiting the *56 menu, however, it will return again and beep after about 9 hours. My attempt at the *56 menu was to erase any phone numbers in the 41, 42 fields, etc, that might be causing the FC error every day.
Well going into *56 programming is for zone programming and has nothing to do with the FC issue. If you exit out of the *56 menu mode and then exit programming, do you have the FC error still?
Sterling, thank you for the reply. 4112 + 800 returns: 20 4112 + 800 + *97 + 1 + *99 to set table 1 and exit 4112 + 800 + *56 to enter advanced programming, and returns A 01
It sounds like you aren't quite entering the proper programming. When you enter Installer Code + 800, what do you see on the keypad screen?
I think I have a similar issue to a comment here and can use some help. I moved into a house with a Honeywell LYNXR/LYNXR24/LYNXR-EN. I disconnected the phone lines behind the panel and managed to reset the system codes and set the programming table to number 1 using *97 + 1. However, every day after 9 hours or so, the board beeps with the FC (Failure to Communicate) code. After clearing the code, it returns the next day at roughly the same time. I've also tried the following sequence in the expert programming mode to clear the following fields, although I think the *97 reset should have been enough: *41 + *41* + *42 + *42* + *43 + *43* + *44 + *44* + *55 + *55* + *99 to exit, but that has not remedied the daily FC problem. Is there another sequence of codes that I can use to remove the communication check, or is this a hard coded feature that cannot be resolved on my own? Thank you.
Hi Daniel, Sorry for not catching this inquiry from 3 months ago! We are happy to help you out. I recommend emailing us at
I recently replaced my Lynx Touch 5100 with a 7000. I moved the WiFi and Cellular modules from the old panel to the new. The WiFi card is communicating with the internet and the Cellular card is registered and by all indications working properly. All other settings are copied from the old panel to the new and works flawlessly EXCEPT: the central station, Total Connect, cant connect to my panel. According to my monitoring people, the new panel should have been provisioned a week ago. My monitoring provider who i wont name doesnt seem very good at addressing the issue and i wondered if you had any suggestions i could address on my end that i may have overlooked. I am considering leaving these people and coming over to you guys as you seem more DIY friendly than they. Thanks in advance, Dan
What alarm system do you have? The system is programmed to send signals out through a phone line and if you aren't monitored, you'd have to program it not to dial out to avoid that error.
I recently purchased a house with a Honeywell Alarm system installed by the previous owner. Through reading and playing with the system I was able to change the code and what have you. But now I hear a constant beep every once in a while with the display "FC" meaning Failed to communicate. I want to disable this so I can continue to use the system without a monitoring service plan. Any help with a step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated.
You would need a phone line connected to the panel if you wanted that to work and we don't really support that option but it would be done with the Follow Me feature which is field 46 in programming.
Honeywell L3000PK LYNX Plus Wireless Security System
What system do you have?
I no longer have a monitoring service, can I reset my system to call my own cell phone?
A check generally relates a trouble error. It most likely a tamper alert, low battery signal or RF supervision error meaning the panel cannot see the sensor. This does not relate to the system being monitored. What exactly is the check saying? Is it showing a zone number? If it is a system trouble it could be a panel tamper alert. Have you opened the panel recently? Make sure its fully shut.
Hello sterling, not sure if you still monitor this site? I have a non monitored lynxr plus system I just set up. Everything is programmed and working except the fire alarms keep warning me to check system. I have been reading that this may be due to no monitoring in place. If that is true what is the work around to only local monitor the smoke alarms?
Hi Chuck, Generally, it is best to program as much as you can before activating the monitoring. This will simply expedite the activation process. I cannot speak for other dealers but we do offer no contract plans ( which do include free remote programming assistance and tech support over the phone. So if you do need help with any programming we are more than happy to. All you need to do before the activation call is setup the system locally and connect the panel to the WIFI network. Alarmnet registration is something the alarm company will do for you.
I am installing a lynx with the wifi module and gsm. I have 2 cameras as well. When I get it installed amd configured do I contact the monitoring service I plan to use and will they prefer to do programming or will they provide me central station information. Do I need to register with alarmnet first or anything or will the panel be readdy to go when I am completed with the install.
Yes, I will say that I do believe AlarmGrid is a good choice for those just looking for basic open source monitoring. I was actually looking into it myself for a bit. The larger companies are way too controlling and its all about money and it shouldn't be. AlarmGrid will always have my vote in that regard. +1
We certainly don't know how A*T operates, or really how any other company may do things, but we would never do something like that. It sounds like bad behavior to lock down people's systems as we make sure that people have full control of their systems.
Hello Sterling, Actually they do (in the US at least) as it is clearly stated in the TOS as well as their SLA. Also you can look at the panel config date and time and it also shows you when the package was deployed and the panel reconfigured. I agree and I am not saying ALL companies do it however I have not seen a larger company (A** and equivalents) that do not do it as my team writes most of the deployment packages for the companies ;) and my*** and other monitoring client portals would not work correctly without the deployment packages. Again, Not sure about other countries or the smaller monitoring companies as I mentioned. Have a great day.
Hi Jay, You should be careful about making blanket statements about what a monitoring company would do to someone's system as not all (or even most) companies would do as you described above.
Hi Noxenborn, If you have a monitoring service monitoring your panel then they sometimes disable that feature in the panel programming by deploying a programming package to it as they want the panel to seamlessly talk to their client portals without issues. If you do not use a monitoring company and have the programming software then you can enable the feature in the panel and "dialin" to it and program it or clone it. They programming is way easier from the display, I got nothing out of using the software except the feeling that i was in the stone age lol.
When you say "phone in," do you mean remotely control the L5100? If so, that feature is only available via Total Connect unless you have a true analog phone line connected to the system. Total Connect 2.0 is an added service that is offered by alarm companies that do AlarmNet service. Are you being monitored by Alarm Grid?
I cannot get my 5100 to remotely answer the phone. It dials out correctly and connects to the monitoring service but will not allow me to phone into it and remotely control it.
Yes absolutely they will if you have the WIFI or LAN adapters in the panel. You don't need any other services. Just download Honeywell's Free Lynx Connect App.
Yes absolutely they will if you have the WIFI or LAN adapters in the panel. You don't need any other services. Just download Honeywell's Free Lynx Connect App.
Yes, if you plan to get monitoring through your IP network using the WIFI module, your alarm company will need to activate teh L5100-WIFI module. We offer no contract monitoring plans at and are experts on the LYNX Touch L5200 panel in case you are interested in signing up with us.
I will be using a monitoring company with my new Lynx5200 with wifi. Do I still need to have the wifi unit activated by alarmnet, for it to work (monitoring station only)
If you have the Remote Home Automation feature included in your service plan then yes. Otherwise, you'd have to upgrade your plan to include that feature if you want to use Total Connect to control your Z-Wave devices.
Will my z wave devices work from my smartphone without the service
Without monitoring, the only reason to use the WIFI is to pair it with the MID-7H tablet. You can't access the system remotely unless you activate the L5100-WIFI module with an AlarmNet dealer.
will wifi work without monitoring?
Yes, locally from the panel, you can control the Z-Wave devices as long as you have the L5100-ZWAVE module installed even if you don't have monitoring service.
Will the Z-wave devices work without monitoring?
Hi Joe, At this time, we don't support 2-way voice. You are correct that the central station can talk through the panel to communicate with users in the event of an alarm with 2-way voice. However, it costs more and is a more involved setup and with everyone having their cell phones on them at all times these days, we didn't feel it was an important enough feature to be worth it.
Hi, I want to know whether your monitoring plan include 2 way voice feature. I'm a newbie, my understand of 2 way voice is in the case of emergency, the CS can voice voice the GSM via the Lynx to talk to the people in the house, the person in the house can take to the CS staff. Is it a useful feature ? Thanks,
Hi, I want to know whether your monitoring service include 2-way voice feature. I'm a newbie, is it a useful feature ? My understand is the CS can voice over the GSM if event happen, to confirm if something happen. Other than that, is it important. Thx

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