Does a Google Nest Thermostat Work w/ a 2GIG Edge?

A Google Nest Thermostat and the 2GIG EDGE alarm panel cannot communicate directly, but both integrate with An monitored EDGE will need a thermostat service package and also the Nest Thermostat Integration enabled. Then can control both products remotely.

The 2GIG EDGE was released in 2021. It features a 7" touchscreen display, 100 wireless zones, 100 users, a 700-Series Z-Wave Plus Controller, and facial recognition capabilities. It operates on's remote interactive service.

For the Google Nest Integration, on, you must have an alarm panel connected to the platform. In addition, the account will also require a thermostat package with the Nest Thermostat Add-on. You must also have an iOS or Android device with the Google Home App and Google Assistant. currently does not set a limit for how many Nest Thermostats can be added, but Google has a 20 thermostat limit per account. To learn how to add the Nest to, read our article on how do I add a Google Nest Thermostat to

After integrating your Nest Thermostat with, you can then control the Nest Thermostat's target temperature, change between Heat and Cool modes, and use the thermostat in scenes that control the temperature and the mode. This integration can not support's rule-based automation, battery level reporting, or advanced configuration settings.

The Google Nest Thermostats support a feature called Eco Mode. This feature senses when no one is home, then automatically switches to Eco Mode. This feature is not supported within and will show as OFF when viewing on the customer website and the customer app. supports a feature where an integrated thermostat will be automatically shut off in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide alarm. This feature is supported only on thermostats that integrate directly through the alarm panel and is not available for Nest Thermostats.

Finally, you can set up with Google Home. This will allow support for spoken commands using your Google-connected device and the Google Assistant. is the answer when having a 2GIG EDGE and a NEST Thermostat that you want to have work together. Whether you use the customer website or the mobile app, control both the panel and the thermostat from the same location by logging into a single app or web page.

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