Does TC2 Support Voice Commands?

Yes, TC2 supports voice commands. The Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App for Android supports a limited selection of Google voice commands. You can also perform voice commands through Amazon Alexa if you have an Alexa device. But there is currently no in-app voice command option for iOS users.

Total Connect 2.0 is an interactive monitoring and automation platform for Honeywell Security Systems. When you make a command through TC2, the command is forwarded across the Resideo AlarmNet 360 Servers to your alarm panel. Voice commands can offer the user greater flexibility and convenience than having to make commands through non-vocal methods. But there can be some security risks associated with performing spoken vocal commands.

Amazon Alexa is arguably the most popular method for TC2 voice commands. If you use the TC2 Alexa Skill, you can pair your TC2 account with Amazon Alexa. You can then perform spoken commands through your Alexa device to arm your system, check its status, and perform complete smart scenes. You cannot disarm through spoken Alexa voice commands, as such a capability would be a major security risk. An intruder could stand outside your home or business and shout to disarm your system if such a feature was available. That is why disarming through Alexa was intentionally left out.

In May 2020, it became possible to perform Google voice commands through the Total Connect 2.0 Android App. Android users can arm, disarm, and check status using Google voice commands. No automation functions are available for Google voice commands, and users can only perform these commands while within the TC2 Android App. A microphone button for this purpose will automatically appear within the TC2 app, as long as spoken Google commands and enabled for the Android device.

Please note that some commands may require a valid code entry. The following voice commands are available within the TC2 Android App:

  • Arm Stay: Puts the system in Arm Stay mode.
  • Arm Away: Puts the system in Arm Away mode.
  • Disarm: Disarms the system.
  • Home: Returns you to TC2 App home screen.
  • Sensors: Displays list of programmed sensors.
  • Keypad: Displays on-screen virtual keypad.
  • Events: Displays Events list.
  • Settings: Opens the TC2 Settings Menu.
  • Profile: Opens your TC2 Profile.
  • Location Settings: Opens the TC2 Locations Menu.
  • Manage Locations: Opens the Manage Locations tab within the Locations Menu.
  • Change Password: Opens the Change Password tab within your TC2 Profile.
  • Help: Opens the Help Menu.
  • Sign Out: Logs you out of TC2 and closes the app.

If you have a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System, then it is also possible to control your system using Siri voice commands through Apple HomeKit. This is not actually done through Total Connect 2.0, and it is only possible if you are using an iOS device set up with Apple Home. More information on using Siri voice commands with a Lyric and Apple HomeKit is available here.

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