Does the 2GIG GC3 Inform Me if it Loses Internet?

No, the 2GIG GC3 will not notify you if it loses internet. The panel will not present a message on its display, and the user will not receive a notification from or the central station. However, the system will remain connected to the network if it has a cellular module installed and activated.

Cellular communication is required to set up the GC3 with and receive monitoring service. The panel is registered with using its cellular module's serial number, not the actual system itself. Without a cellular module, there is no way to register the system with This requirement was intentionally designed by because they know that cellular communication is generally more reliable than WIFI connectivity.

Support for WIFI connectivity was added in GC3 Firmware Version 3.1. When the 2GIG GC3 panel has been set up on a WIFI network, all security-related alarm signals will be sent to on both WIFI and Cellular paths. The first signal is then forwarded to the monitoring station, and the second signal received is discarded by the server.

WIFI is often down, while cellular communication is almost always available. By using a dual-path communication method with both cellular and WIFI, it will be very difficult for your panel to lose its connection with This will provide your home with the most reliable protection possible. Additionally, the panel will still receive the benefits of high-speed WIFI connectivity.

When using the remote-access features of the security system through, cellular communication is prioritized over WIFI communication. This is due to the fact that cellular communication on the GC3 is supervised, while GC3 WIFI communication is not. With this in mind, cellular communication on the GC3 is considered to be more secure than its WIFI connectivity.

At the present time, supervision for GC3 WIFI connectivity is not offered. However, it is possible that this will be changed with a future firmware update for the GC3. For now though, it's always best to use the reliability and security of a supervised cellular connection with your GC3 system.

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