Does a Honeywell L7000 support a Honeywell 5853?

The Honeywell L7000 LYNX Touch wireless security system does support the Honeywell 5853 glass break detector. The 5853 will protect any glass windows or doors within a 25 foot radius. The unit uses a very finely tuned microphone that will fault in the presence of broken glass. The Flexguard technology will pick up a wide range of sound: high frequency from breaking glass and low frequencies caused by blunt force.

It is still recommended to have a window sensor like a 5811 or 5820L on windows that could possibly be pried open without glass breakage. However glass break detectors are a great way to further protect those windows and of course panes of glass that do not open. Their preventative nature will trigger an alarm before an intruder even steps into the secured premise. This type of approach scares off burglars before they get into any groove. There are varying philosophies when it comes to choosing between glass breaks, shock sensors and motions.

For the reasons above, glass breaks are far superior when it comes to glass protection. However some people prefer shock sensors like the 5819WHS or the self-contained 5800SS1 shock sensors. The primary issue with shock sensors is false alarms. It is difficult for a DIYer to perfectly set the sensitivity to be just sensitive enough. Lightning strikes, Thunder and even slamming an interior door during arm stay may trip the alarm accidentally. The only time we would recommend shock sensors would be to protect a non-glass entry point without a single hinge point. For example, if you have a window boarded up with plywood during a renovation. Potentially the wood could be smashed and someone could crawl into the home. This would prevent a contact or glass break from being any use in this situation.

Ultimately, the 5853 is a great secondary solution for window protection. The 5800PIR-RES motion detector is a great fail-safe to have as well. In case an intruder gains entry besides a door or window a motion is a great way to protect main hallways in the home or business.

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