Does the Lyric Gateway Support Mulitple Partitions?

No, the Lyric Gateway doesn’t support multiple partitions.

You may wonder, “What is a partition, and why would I want to use one?” Partitioning allows you to arm separate parts of a premises, individually. For example, if you have a detached garage, or carriage house, you may want to be able to have it armed when the main house is disarmed, or vise versa. These are two separate buildings, but at the same address, so you don’t necessarily want to install 2 separate panels, but you want to be able to treat these two areas individually in some cases. This is where partitioning comes in handy. It allows you to have the main house serve as partition 1, and the detached area serve as partition 2. By partitioning, you can control which users have access to each area, and you can have one armed away, while the other is armed Stay, have one armed while the other is disarmed, and so on.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest all in one Honeywell alarm panel. The system is unique in that it only has touch keys on the unit itself - there is no screen of any sort.

In order to utilize the Gateway’s graphical user interface a user will need to download the free MyHome Gateway App from the iOS or Google Play store. A smart device with the app installed will be able to connect to the Gateway as long as it and the Gateway are connected to the same network (the smart device via WIFI, the Gateway via Ethernet or WIFI). Up to 8 devices can connect to the Gateway simultaneously using the MyHome Gateway App. The Gateway system is also Total Connect 2.0 ready. With Total Connect 2.0, a user is able to remotely interact with their system through an internet connected web browser or using the Total Connect 2.0 app (again, available on iOS and Android devices). Total Connect 2.0 gives a user the ability to arm/disarm the system, edit and program system users, control and program home automation devices, see the latest system events, map email addresses and phone numbers for notifications to be sent and much more. Total Connect 2.0 does not require the Lyric Gateway to have an Ethernet or WIFI connection, and can be used if the Gateway communicates via Cellular only. This is particularly handy in second homes, where an internet connection may not always be available. Using a combination of the two apps, users can have remote control of their system from inside and outside the home.

The Lyric Gateway supports up to 64 wireless sensors, 76 Z-Wave devices, 8 wireless keypads and 48 system users. The Gateway can interface with 6 Z-Wave thermostats, 6 door locks, 4 Z-Wave garage doors, 60 light and/or appliance modules and 4 Lyric WIFI thermostats. The system is compatible with all devices from the 5800 wireless line except for those that need a House ID to function. The Gateway is fully compatible with all SiX Sensors, Honeywell’s newest line of wireless devices. The Lyric Gateway only has 1 partition available for use. Honeywell may add partitions to the system in the future with a firmware update but we have no details on when, or if, that’s going to be taking place. If you need to use multiple partitions now, you should purchase a Honeywell Vista wired alarm panel which supports the partition feature.

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Thank you and Yes and it would be great if AlarmGrid offered a discount when a customer has two accounts at one address! This seems an offering that would further separate AlarmGrid from the "others" out there.
If you wanted to do what you stated above "have 1 main panel but control two areas individually" you would need a system that can do partitions (usually a wired panel Ex: Vista Panel). If you had 1 system that could do partitions then you would only need 1 account with us. However, since you have the Lyric Gateway or Lyric Controller, which does not do partitions the only other thing you could do is get another system for the second area you want to control individually. This means you would have a total of 2 systems, and since you need to have an account for each system then that means you would have a total of 2 accounts.
ok how about this... perhaps alarmgrid could offer two accounts at a single address for a discount! that might be something the others do not offer
If you're trying to control each panel remotely and get notifications for both, then yes each panel will be set with it's own account.
You state: "These are two separate buildings, but at the same address, so you don’t necessarily want to install 2 separate panels, but you want to be able to treat these two areas individually in some cases." But I see the main problem is not having multiple panels, but having multiple monitoring accounts, right? As I understand even if I have multiple panels, say one for the house and one for the garage, if I want to arm them separately I'd need two accounts?
I haven't heard a thing about partitioning and these panels in some time, so I don't expect that to change any time soon. The only other way to control areas separately is with bypassing and unbypassing of zones manually.
Any rumors from Honeywell that partitions will be added to the Lyric? Is there any way to workaround the absence of partitions? I very much want to control a garage and home separately.

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