Does the Tuxedo Touch Keypad Require WIFI?

No, the Tuxedo Touch Keypad does not require WIFI. However, it does need an internet connection. But this connection can come in the form of a wired ethernet connection instead of a wireless WIFI connection. You can use the Tuxedo to control your VISTA Alarm System and your Z-Wave devices.

Honeywell tuxedo touch wifi talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypad

There are two types of Tuxedo Touch Keypads. There is the older model that doesn't support WIFI. This model can only connect to the internet using a hardwired ethernet connection. The newer Tuxedo Touch WIFI is able to connect using a WIFI connection, but it can also use a hardwired ethernet connection if the user would prefer that method. Either way, the touchscreen keypad does need an internet connection for most of its functionality.

The Tuxedo Touch serves two main purposes on a Honeywell VISTA Alarm System. First, it provides a touchscreen controller for the system. Many users will prefer using a touchscreen controller over a standard push-button keypad because the full-color display is more inviting and easier to understand. The Tuxedo Touch even offers a console mode that allows it to simulate an Alphanumeric keypad for deep-level programming. The only thing to note that you cannot use the backdoor method on Tuxedo Touch to get into programming if you are locked out.

The other main purpose of the Tuxedo Touch is that it serves as a Z-Wave controller for supporting Z-Wave smart home devices. The devices can be controlled from the Tuxedo Touch itself or from the Total Connect 2.0 platform. In this case, the Tuxedo will serve as the central hub for the Z-Wave network. If a user does not need a touchscreen keypad, then they can get a Honeywell VAM instead. The VAM also serves as a Z-Wave controller for a VISTA System, but it is standalone module that does not function as a keypad.

The reason why a Tuxedo Touch needs internet access is because it must communicate with Honeywell's AlarmNet servers. Since the device has an IP address, you can actually access it using a web browser when paired with the same IP network. This way, you can control your system using a computer, tablet or phone. You just need to enter the Tuxedo IP address into the browser. The browser will display an identical screen as that of the Tuxedo Touch.

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