Honeywell 5800MINI vs Honeywell 5818MNL

The Honeywell 5800MINI and the Honeywell 5818MNL are both door and window contacts from Honeywell. They are both part of the Honeywell 5800 Series, and they both communicate at the same frequency. However, the 5800MINI is a surface-mount sensor, while the 5818MNL is a recessed sensor.

In terms of pure functionality and capability, the 5800MINI and the 5818MNL are virtually the same. As door and window sensors, they both function in the same manner. Both devices include a sensor and a magnet. The sensor will be placed on or inside the door or window frame. The magnet will be placed on or inside the door or window itself. When the door or window is opened, the sensor and the magnet will become separated. This will cause the internal reed switch inside the sensor to activate. Once this happens, the sensor will send a signal to the security system to let it know about the fault.

As 5800 Series Sensors, both the 5800MINI and the 5818MNL will operate at a distance of about 200 feet away from the security system. This range can be extended with a wireless repeater, like the 5800RP. They both communicate wirelessly at a frequency of 345 MHz. Both sensors can be used with any Honeywell or 2GIG Panel that is compatible with wireless devices. If the sensor is being used with a Honeywell VISTA System, then a wireless receiver will need to be added.

However, there are some differences between the 5800MINI and the 5818MNL. The biggest difference is how they are installed. The 5800MINI is a surface-mount sensor. This means that it is placed on the door or window and, it will be visible from the outside. This makes the 5800MINI easier to install. However, it might not be as aesthetically pleasing, since the sensor will be visible. That said, the 5800MINI is a relatively small sensor, and it can generally blend in with its surroundings quite well.

Meanwhile, the 5818MNL is a recessed sensor. This type of device is inserted into a door or window, hiding it from view. This makes the end result more aesthetically pleasing. However, the installation can be slightly more difficult. This is because holes will need to be drilled in order to house the sensor and its magnet. Fortunately, drilling the holes is a fairly easy process that can be completed by most end users.

Another difference between the 5800MINI and the 5818MNL is the type of battery that they use. the 5800MINI uses a CR2032 lithium coin battery. The battery will typically last for three to five years before requiring a replacement. On the other hand, the 5818MNL uses a single AAA lithium battery. This battery should last for approximately 10 years before requiring a replacement.

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