Honeywell 5800MINI vs Qolsys IQ Mini

The Honeywell 5800MINI and the Qolsys IQ Mini are both surface-mount door and window sensors. They are both quite small in size compared to most other surface-mount sensors. Their main difference is that they operate at different frequencies, making them compatible with different systems.

Both the Honeywell 5800MINI and the Qolsys IQ Mini operate in the same manner. These devices both consist of a sensor and a magnet. Both can be installed with screws or with double-sided foam tape. The sensor is placed on the door frame or window frame. The magnet is placed on door or window itself, within about half an inch of the sensor. When the door or window is opened, the magnet will separate from the sensor. This will cause an internal switch inside the sensor to activate. When this happens, a signal will be sent from the sensor to the security system. The system will then perform the programmed response for the wireless zone of the sensor. This could include requiring a system disarm, setting off a siren or requesting police or fire dispatch from a central monitoring station.

The major difference between these two sensors is the wireless frequency at which they operate. This affects which panels they can interface with. The 5800MINI operates at a wireless frequency of 345 MHz. This makes it compatible with any Honeywell or 2GIG Panel. The IQ Mini operates at a wireless frequency of 319.5 MHz. This makes it compatible with any Qolsys System, including the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. It will also function with the Interlogix Simon Alarm Systems as well. Make sure that the wireless door and window sensor you choose is compatible with your security system.

Additionally, both the 5800MINI and the IQ Mini are unencrypted sensors. This means that they could potentially be hacked into. For users who want an encrypted sensor, we recommend either the Honeywell SiXMINICT or the Qolsys DW MINI-S. The SiXMINICT is for use with the Honeywell Lyric Controller only, while the DW MINI-S is for use with any Qolsys System.

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