Honeywell 5881ENL vs 5883H

There are two main differences between the Honeywell 5883H and the 5881ENL receivers: 1) the 5883H has unlimited zones (as many as your panel allows), whereas the 5881ENL allows only 8 wireless zones and 2) the 5883H contains both a receiver and a transmitter module so that it is compatible with Honeywell's wireless bi-directional devices such as the 5828 keypad.

This makes the 5883H much like the Honeywell 6160RF keypad which is a keypad that gives a VISTA panel similar RF capabilities as it supports a unlimited number of zones as well as bi-directional devices. The 5881ENL can be made to support bi-directional devices, but it requires the addition of a separate Honeywell 5800TM transmitter module. Also, some bi-directional devices, like the 5828 and 5828V wireless keypads, require the 5883H or 6150RF/6160RF keypads as they are a receiver and transmitter in one unit.

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