Honeywell LYNX Touch & LYNX Plus vs. VISTA systems

The LYNX Touch and LYNX Plus are all-in-one wireless home alarm systems. VISTA alarm panels (i.e VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P, VISTA-21iP) are a more traditional wired system that live in a metal cabinet. In fact, the L5100 Lynx Touch can also support wired zones by using a wired to wireless transmitter. Honeywell released the 5800C2W 9 zone wireless converter in early 2014 to allow end users to convert to a wireless panel without losing their existing wired zones. Although the VISTA panels are setup to connect wired sensors and programming can be laborious they can support wireless sensors by installing an RF receiver.

The Lynx model panels have built in sirens, on board backup battery units and integrated keypads for control and programming. VISTA panels consist of the metal cabinet, circuit board and terminals to land the wired zones (VISTA-21iP includes an IP communicator). You will need to install a keypad and connect it to the ECP bus for control (alphanumeric keypad for deeper level programming), connect a backup battery to the panel leads, and connect a siren to the bell output.

Since the L3000 Lynx Plus is a keypad style panel the programming is still sequence based and uses fields similar to the VISTA panels. The Lynx Touch graphical touchscreen interface uses icon driven programming which makes things much easier for a first time end user and DIY installer. All in all, the Lynx models are designed for the future and simplify installation and use.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your house fire but we'd be happy to help you choose the right system to protect the home once it's re-built. How many wired zones did you have and are any salvageable after the fire?
We had a house fire and we are rebuilding. Our alarm system was a vista 20 we are trying to decide which system to go with a vista 21ip with alpha keypad or a lynx 7000.
Hi John, I have already been corresponding with you via support ticket. Please reach out if you have any other questions.
i have a old wired DSC 1550 security system. all of my doors and windows are connected. i was thinking of upgrading to a hybrid system that would allow me to keep my existing door and window sensors while also allow me to expand to z wave capability so i can expand to controlling locks, lights, thermostat etc. So far the only system i've found that can do that is the vista 21i, Are the lynx or lyric systems hybrid systems? would either allow me to keep my existing sensors and expand the system using z wave devises. Any advice here on options to the vista21i?
Have you considered the Lyric system ( )? It's an all-in-one wireless system like the L7000 but uses encrypted SiX Series sensors that are bi-directional and spread spectrum so they aren't able to be "hacked" like a 5800 Series sensor. We have kits online at based around the Lyric system.
Hi, I'm deciding between L7000 and Vista 21ip for a new installation. The security installer suggested Vista 21ip with all wireless contacts and sensors. In that case, shouldn't L7000 suffice? Should I be concerned about RF signal jamming? With L7000, can I have second or even third control panel? Can I have both ethernet (wired) and GSM for L7000?
I think the VISTA-21iP with a wireless receiver would be a great choice. Feel free to call us or email with questions and we can help you put a system together to protect your property.
Sterling, Thanks for your help. Which system do you recommend for 3 hard wired doors, 4 hard wired motion sensors, 3 four button FOB's, and maybe some wireless glass break detectors? The doors & glass break detectors only for STAY. Is this configuration reasonable? I am in the pre-drywall phase. Ron
The L7000 doesn't work with wired motions unless you use the 5800C2W ( ) wired to wireless converter module. You do have the option to arm to Away (all sensors) or Stay (all sensors except for motions). The system does also support wireless key fobs for remote arming/disarming up to 200' from the panel. With a WIFI and/or cellular module installed and a Total Connect 2.0 account (offered with almost all of our no-contract monitoring plans - ), you'd be able to arm/disarm from a smart phone or computer as well.
I am in the pre-drywall phase of building a new home. I plan to use 4 wired motion sensors & 3 wired door contacts. Will the Lynx 7000 touch graphical work with this configuration. Will I be able to only arm the door sensors while home & all 7 sensors while away. Also, will I be able to arm & disarm using fobs?
I would recommend a LYNX Touch L5200 or L7000 over the VISTA-21iP. The installation and programming will be much easier and they both offer flash upgrades for firmware updates. Both of these panels have the RF receiver built into them.
You would need to add a wireless receiver. I recommend the 6160RF as it's a programming keypad and an integrated wireless receiver but there are other receiver options as well at
If I want buy a Vista 2iP from you to upgrade my Lynx plus, can I use the contacts, wireless motion and glass break I already installed. I think I need a wireless receiver, what is cost of that?

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