How big is the LYNX Touch L7000's Screen?

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 system is a state-of-the art security system with a large 7 inch screen. Much like the large-screened, Android-based Tuxedo Touch WIFI that was made available by Honeywell many years ago for the Honeywell VISTA series wired alarm systems, the L7000 is a great system to integrate with the Honeywell cameras of which it can display up to four.

The 800 pixel wide by 480 pixels in height screen makes the panel's profile quite a bit bigger than the L5200, which is the system that it is most like. For those that are trying to decide between the two systems, the only real differences are the screen size, the number of zones and key fobs the systems will allow an user to program, and the number of cameras that can be displayed on the screen. For the average install, an user will not be able to take advantage of the extra features. That said, the screen is much larger and the icons much bigger as is shown in the comparison video below.

Capable of displaying up to 16 million colors, this vibrant screen sets the standard in a market where touch-screens lack in size and quality. Reminiscent of Honeywell's previous attempt at a large-screened keypad (which has since been retired), the L7000's feature list far outstrips any of its predecessors. From the screen, the user can see up to four cameras, the system will allow the programming of up to 80 zones, and 20 key fobs.

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