RIP Mid-7H, You Will Be Missed

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Mid-7HA few years ago, Honeywell released an Android keypad made by Coby called the Mid-7H. Like most Android tablets, it was pretty enough, but the system was plagued by its slow processor, low resolution screen, and a generally poor public reception. To be honest, it is a bit of an inelegant addition to their wireless LYNX product line. That said, the app for controlling your L5100 which is installed on the device is well-loved by users and if that's what you were looking for, you might be sad to see it go.

Then again, it's not gone quite yet. So if you are desperate to get a Mid-7H for yourself, we will carry them until the product line is exhausted.

The good news for those of you who just wanted the L5100 software, Honeywell has told us that they are going to be making the software available in the Apple store and eventually will make the program available for download on Androids. We're not sure when that will happen, but in the meantime, go ahead and get your hands on one of the few remaining Mid-7Hs. These things are going to be a collectors item like pogs, beanie babies, and old Barbie dolls.

We anticipate that once the world hears of the tablets demise, collectors will scramble to get their hands on one like WalMart shoppers looking for Tickle-me-Elmo the day after Thanksgiving.

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I am sure I can rip the APK out of this and make it available for everyone's tablet, if someone wants to send/lend me one. @Rotor: Joshua Unseth is right. You can root it, put a stripped down ROM in it, and make it not turn off when on AC power. If you want to educate yourself on this, spend some time reading
The reason is because the Mid-7H is just a standard Android tablet with an app installed on it. It's not really made specially for Honeywell. It's nothing more than Coby Kyros 7-inch Android put into a pretty Honeywell box. You can probably achieve what you want to by rooting the device and fiiddling with settings that will fix the problems you're having with the device. That said, the product is pretty poorly thought out, I think. The app will be amazing though. You can already do it with Total Connect remotely, but think about those who just want local control of their alarm, getting home, turning their alarm on and off just by making their phone find the wifi connection. I think that's pretty stellar.
I just bought one but am finding it useless to control my L5100. Even though I leave it plugged into the power supply continuously, the display turns off after short timeout and requires a fiddly process to switch on again - a huge pain when re-entering the house and under a 30sec clock to disarm. Worse, the unit completely powered down yesterday, which required holding down the power button, waiting through a long boot cycle, starting the app, agreeing to the silly conditions (why doesn't it remember you've done this?), and waiting some more before I was finally able to control my system.

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