How Can I Access the Honeywell L7000 Through the Web?

The Honeywell L7000 can be accessed and controlled through the web after the user has the panel registered online by their alarm company. Total Connect 2.0 runs through a secure server with Honeywell, which is why a paid service is required for the user to access the app.

  1. Install a communication module. Once the system is setup, install a L5100-WIFI, CDMA, or 3GL module into the panel. To do this, the user must completely power down the panel and properly insert the module into the provided slot on the panel. The WIFI module will be installed near the speaker, on the right hand side of the panel, while the cellular module will be installed on the left hand side of the panel. Once the panel has some type of communication module installed, the user will then verify the panel communication path matches what they have installed. Check the "communication" and "reporter" sections within the installer programming menu. From there, they will be able to check that the panel knows how it should be sending out signal.
  2. Sign up for Total Connect 2.0 monitoring. Register the panel with the user's alarm company. Once they sign up for service, the company will require them to provide some information from the panel. This will include the MAC and CRC codes, similar to an address, that an alarm company uses to establish communication to the panel. Once the codes are provided, the panel can be registered through the user's alarm company to Honeywell servers, and a Total Connect 2.0 application can be created for them. Oftentimes, the company will have the user fill out other basic information about the monitoring address. The user can also schedule an activation call. Normally, activation calls are used in the case where the user is signing up to have a central station monitor their system, so the call is used to verify a signal being sent out from the panel.

    When their Total Connect 2.0 account is created, the user will be sent instructions on how to log into the account, and start controlling their system. It's recommended that they log into the website,, and verify their email address. There are also terms and conditions that must be accepted before the user can use Total Connect 2.0. After their first log in, they may then download the app, and start controlling their panel from a smart device. It can be used by itself as an option for monitoring, or it can be used in tandem with a central station. In that situation, both the user and the central station will be monitoring the system, and responding to any alarms.
  3. Set up your Total Connect Alerts. Total Connect 2.0 allows the user to perform most functions that can be accessed at the panel itself, including arming or disarming the system, editing users, and viewing event history. This can be accessed either through a web browser, or through the Total Connect 2.0 app. Total Connect 2.0 can also be used to send live notifications to users. If the system ever has an alarm or a trouble, it will alert anyone who is set up to receive notifications. If a central station is also monitoring the system, they will receive the same alerts as the user, but only the station will be able to report alarms to the authorities. This way, the user is not responsible for contacting the authorities in the case of an emergency.

    There is no free alternative that works as well as Total Connect 2.0. This is primarily because the app uses a secured server to send information, which can't be accessed by a third party, or free apps. Alarm Grid offers an instructional demo for new Total Connect 2.0 users.

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