How do I create a Vent Motion zone on a Vista-P Panel?

The Vista-15P, Vista-20P and Vista-21iP offer the option of a Configurable Zone type (2 on the Vista-15P, or 4 on the Vista-20P, Vista-21iP) which can be configured to provide a non-standard response in the event of such incidents, when a standard zone type is not sufficient. Configurable Zone Types allow you to choose the Contact ID reporting code for alarm and/or trouble.

The following settings will create a zone that can be faulted at the time of arming, then when it restores, it will be protected. This zone will behave in all other respects like an Interior Follower zone, will not follow dial delay, and will report the Contact ID code specified.

Enter programming and in *182, enter the following 10 digits (exactly as shown):

Hard wired zone: #12, #11, #12, 7, 4, 1, 0, 8, 6, 0

Wireless Zone: 0, #11, #12, 7, 0, 1, 0, 8, 6, 2

In programming location *183, you must enter the Contact ID report code you wish to use with zones programmed as this type (Zone Type 90).

Program *183 as 1, 3, 2, 3, 8, 0

In zone programming, go to the appropriate zone number and program it as Zone Type 90.


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The digits would be: 0, #11, 0, 5, 0, 1, 0, 0, 6, 6. This assumes you want it to behave in all other regards as a perimeter zone, meaning it will chime. The only difference is Vent Zone Logic.
How would I program this for a wireless window sensor with a Perimeter zone instead of an Interior Follower zone?
Assuming it is a Honeywell system, you will need an alphanumeric keypad and the system's programming guide which will detail how to set a zone to a configurable zone type and how to properly configure the zone type to act as you would like.
I am looking for a custom zone.
Would it work just to arm the system to instant mode instead of regular away mode when you leave or do you need the doors to have the delay to come home? If you have a key fob or Total Connect 2.0 service to disarm before entering, arming to instant to avoid all entry delays is easiest. If you do need the doors to have the delay but not the motion, you'd have to setup a customer zone type which is much more complicated programming. You would need to have an alphanumeric keypad as well if you wanted to try to set it up.
Thanks for the reply. That delay that triggering entry first is exactly what I do not want. I want my wireless motion to always be instant. Except when home.
If you simply set it for Interior Follower it will be on in away and off in stay and when on, it will be an instant alarm unless an entry/exit door zone is triggered before the motion. In that instance, the motion would be delayed along with the door. In all other instances, it would be an instant alarm when the motion is activated. Would that work for you?
I would like motion to be ON and INSTANT (no delays) when AWAY. I would like motion to be OFF when STAY. Is this possible?
In Entry 8, you tell the motion to "Respond as Interior Type". If you read note 2. on the Configurable Zone Types Worksheet page, it says, "To create an interior zone type, select "respond as interioro zone type" (Entry 8, Interior type + Yes) and set zone response to "Fault" in entries 3 - 4 to ensure fault displays. Do Not set as Normal, Alarm, or Trouble. You appear to have Entry 3 set to Fault, but entry 4 set to trouble. This is one of those scenarios that causes "Unpredictable Results". When using EOLR, if the system is armed away, you would normally want an Open OR a Short to cause an alarm...not an Open to cause Alarm, and a Short to cause a trouble. Also, in entry 7, why are you saying "Never show any alarms, trbles, faults"? Again, my suggestions: Entry 1 = #12 Fault on Open if disarmed Entry 2 = #11 Fault on Short, and behave as a Vent zone, you don't want auto restore Entry 3 = #12 (Fault, as instructed in Note 2) Entry 4 = #11 (Fault, as instructed in Note 2, but also allowing you to bypass the zone) Entry 5 = 4 Alarm on Open when armed away Entry 6 = 1 Alarm on Short when armed away (normal when using EOLR) Entry 7 = 0 (not sure why you're programming this not to display alarm) Entry 8 = #10 Use Entry delay 2, and respond as interior type Entry 9 = 6 (you had a 0 here, that's why you get no alarm sounds) Entry 10 = 0 (When you tell a zone to respond as Interior Type, you can't also tell it to chime. It's either interior type, or it chimes, not both.
VISTA 20P - Reposted... I created a custom zone 90 on Zone 4 because I have a hardwired EOL motion sensor in the garage near the keypad and I need to be able to arm the system while ignoring this motion sensor. I can arm the system Away and exit fine with the 120 second delay. The keypad will start to beep to disarm when someone enters that triggers the motion sensor when it is armed. If this system is not disarmed I get a silent alarm ONLY, after 30 seconds. The motion sensor does NOT trigger my hardwired siren at all, why? I have another motion sensor inside the house on another interior zone that triggers the siren system siren just fine so I know this works. What am I doing wrong with the below tested configuration not to obtain a siren event? *182-#12,#14,#12,6,4,2,3,#10,0,6 *183-1,3,2,1,3,2 90 Alarm ID: 132 – Alarm interior Trouble ID: 132 Alarm interior
The system is being armed away during each test. I tried exiting the door that is set to Entry/Exit zone after system is armed which had no affect on the motion detector on a completely different zone. Once again the motion alarm is not triggering the alarm siren or providing a silent alarm. I know it works because in the previous custom zone setup example I provided I was receiving a silent alarm but not an alarm siren. Ultimately I want the motion detector to trigger alarm after 120 second entry delay expires regardless if any entry/exit door is opened or closed since I have and want the capability to do remote arming or will exit/entry the home through other doors where the motion sensor is located.
Is the system being armed Stay, or possibly, armed Away, but then switching to Stay automatically because the panel doesn't see an Entry/Exit zone being faulted during exit delay?
Behavior is worse. No alarm is issue not even a silent alarm. Zone is being ignored.
Then try this: #12, #11, #12, #11, 0, 1, 0, #10, 6, 2. These settings assume your entry delay 2 is 120 seconds.
...the motion sensor is hardwired to the Panel with EOL resistor.
By putting a 0 in entry 8, you're telling your configurable zone type not to give you entry or exit delay. I assume you want the 120 second delay on entry, since you're telling it to ignore the motion during exit, so here are the settings I would suggest (I'm also assuming this is a wireless motion, since you had a 0 in the first entry above): 0, #11, #12, #15, 0, 1, 0, #10, 6, 2
VISTA 20P I created a custom zone 90 because I have a motion sensor in the same room as the keypad to arm the system so I want to arm without having a zone fault shown because of motion. *182-0#14#126423006 *183-132380 I program the zone type of as "90" in *56 for Zone 4 I can arm the system find but when I test the system by tripping the motion sensor the motion event is ignored by the Keypad and no siren, but I get a silent alarm event from the Vista 20P panel. I want to have 120 second delay on this custom zone sensing motion. What is wrong?

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