How do I add Z-wave automation to a Honeywell VISTA?

Traditionally, the only way to integrate Z-wave home automation with your Honeywell VISTA wired alarm panel (VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P and VISTA-21iP) would be to install the Tuxedo Touch WIFI keypad. This is still a viable option being that the Tuxedo Touch is a versatile touchscreen keypad with a built-in Z-wave controller. In fact, the Tuxedo Touch will support up to 232 Z-wave devices and has a very clean user interface for setting up rules, scenes and scheduling. However many end users can not justify the price tag and simply want a cost effective way to integrate Z-wave lights, locks and thermostats. Well, Honeywell has satisfied the demand for an affordable Z-wave controller with the release of the Vista Automation Module or VAM. Check out what it takes to setup your new VAM:

The VAM is a standalone Z-wave controller that wires to your VISTA panel's ECP bus just like any other keypad or communicator. It is not a graphic touchscreen keypad like the Tuxedo, though it does utilize one of the available AUI Addresses. Instead it is a module that can be wall mounted beside the panel. After it is connected to your local WIFI network you can then connect to it using its web interface from your smartphone, tablet, or computer (connected to the same WIFI network as the VAM). Both the VAM and Tuxedo Touch are designed to control Z-wave devices locally and execute pre-configured scenes, rules and schedules. If you want to remotely control the Z-wave devices then you can add the remote automation feature to your Total Connect 2.0 service.

We offer the Total Connect 2.0 with remote automation for as little as $15 per month with our Self Silver monitoring plan, without any contract or activation fee. All of our monitoring services are no contract and in most cases we can offer free remote programming assistance.

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